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Buffy and Jason Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at the Fairway Tavern Panshanger Golf Complex Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride and groom exchange vows during their wedding in Welwyn Garden City at the Fairway Tavern Panshanger Golf Complex

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Background Information and Highlights:

Buffy and Jason chose The Fairway Tavern within the lovely Panshanger Golf Complex in Welwyn Garden City to host their marriage ceremony and wedding reception.

Our couple booked a combined photography and video package starting with the girls getting ready and finishing once the dancing and live band were well underway.

The weather on the day certainly tested our nerves as it could not decide whether to rain on us or to treat us to some warm summer sunshine. This was particularly important as the ceremony was planned to take place outside in the venue's beautiful dedicated gardens. We took a gamble - the venue staff moved the chairs etc into the gardens at the very last moment - Peter set up the video cameras without a moment to spare - and the ceremony got underway. Phew! After the ceremony the conditions were bright but overcast, which is ideal for the group and portrait photos - and we certainly had a lot of these to work through!

A highlight of the ceremony was out two little flowergirls singing, accompanied by their dad on guitar. Absolutely charming.

The venue - unlike most golf clubs offering wedding facilities - has an extensive landscaped garden available exclusively for weddings and so there are no "clashes" with club members wandering into view and spoiling the ambience. This is a huge advantage for the Fairway Tavern. It is also possible to have the golf course as a backdrop for some of the photos.

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