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Wedding at St Marys Church Burghfield and Reception at Ufton Court near Reading Berkshire, © Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride ready to enjoy her wedding reception with her guests at Ufton Court near Reading Berkshire

Background Information and Highlights:

Our couple chose all day combined photography and video coverage starting with their arrival at the church and finishing mid-evening once the riotous dancing was well and truly underway.

St Marys Church Burghfield just outside Reading Berkshire hosted the wedding ceremony. An easy location for Peter as it is almost within walking distance of his Burghfield Common base. The church has a roomy interior and a decent amount of natural light - making it a rather more straightforward venue for shooting photos and video than many of the candlelit caves around Berkshire! There are no onerous restrictions on professional photography or video during the ceremony and so Peter was able to make a great complete record in both formats.

Ufton Court, just a short hop from Burghfield hosted the wedding reception. One of the most popular and in-demand wedding venues in the Berkshire area, and no wonder: delightful countryside setting, gorgeous buildings, lovely gardens, and attentive staff who really care about what they do.

We were lucky with the weather for this early Spring wedding day and the guests enjoyed the mild sunny conditions in the gardens alongside the tithe barn.

The first photo below shows St Marys Church as you approach it from its elaborate gate. There is very little natural shade in the churchyard on sunny days at "wedding times of day" and professional photographers will want to hunt out the best most forgiving spots for the various posed photos.

And here is the "business end" of the interior of St Marys Church:

Our groom and best man trying not to be nervous:

Very soon Lyndsey and her entourage arrived:

And made their way towards the eager throngs within St Marys:

Extreme wide-angle lenses can achieve some terrific atmospheric results:

And a wide shot of the ceremony in full swing:

Some people always cry at weddings!

The brides brother scrubs up well doesn't he!

He had his own little twins to keep him company just a couple of rows back. Peter always converts some of the colour photos to black and white and you can see both versions in the full galleries:

Soon enough it was on to the vows and the exchange of wedding rings:

Its always great if these moments can be captured - especially if video is also included. Imagine being able to watch that in a few years time - wow!

Big beams from our bride:

And from the contingent of Spurs season ticket holders:

Meanwhile our best man kept a close eye on his best mate:

How time flies. It seems not so long ago that our bride could be seen belting out Christmas carols in St Marys Church when she was just an infant at the local St Marys school:

Now that is a typical Lyndsey giggle if ever there was one!

Some guests were very careful to remember their manners and give their friends a wave:

And a young well-wisher offers our couple all the best:

Then into the churchyard for lots of hugs and congratulations:

There are some great candid moments to be had:

And here is our grooms brother with his new addition - the youngest of ..... oh about a million ..... flower girls:

We were extraordinarily lucky with the weather on the day. The one sunny and mild day in just about living memory:

Confetti is not supposed to be in the churchyard - we just about complied!

Then into the very posh all-black wedding limo:

The celebrations continued with the wedding breakfast and reception at nearby Ufton Court:

The tithe barn gardens are an absolute suntrap:

The barn interior looks terrific dressed ready for the wedding breakfast:

The table plan was based around our bride and grooms very extensive travels around the world:

The daffodils were in full bloom for this Spring wedding giving us some lovely backdrops for the all-important posed wedding photos:

Ufton Court has a huge number of alternative photogenic locations around the extensive grounds - you really are spoilt for choice. We hunted down some light shade in the walled garden for the next photo:

It really was extremely bright sunshine - exactly what all brides want for their wedding day but quite a challenge for professional photographers. Photos in full sun are inevitably rather contrasty but they can still work well:

The Tithe Barn's gardens are an ideal spot for the cocktail hour:

What glorious weather!

The cocktail hour - that period from the end of the ceremony to the start of the wedding breakfast - is an ideal opportunity for some reportage or documentary photography. Is this the new Kate Moss?

The Barn was crammed to the rafters for the wedding breakfast - inevitable when you have so many friends and family - but everyone had a great time, including checking their complimentary scratch cards!

The speeches are a good photo and video opportunity as well. Video probably wins out because you can of course then hear what was said:

The best men can never resist their opportunity to have a bit of fun at the groom's expense:

Some great character shots are begging to be made during the speeches. No its not the maid of honour's character to always have a drink in her hand - you're missing the point!

A traditional ice cream van served the deserts - a stroke of genius for what felt like the first day of summer:

Getting guests together for some group shots was like herding the proverbial cats - but harder! We got a few crackers though:

The first dance is another photogenic moment in the day:

The guests certainly enjoyed it:

And soon joined our bride and groom on the dancefloor:

Here are some of those Tottenham fans again, looking a little less scary than they might when confronting their North London arch rivals!

Peter used a hand-held video light to help make some photos in the now very dark interior of the barn:

Poor little chap - but he doesn't seem in mind!

Bride and maid of honour share a hot-dog - yes really!

Another atmospheric photo from the evening:

The best man was quite a mover on the dancefloor. Apparently he is famous for it - every wedding should have one!

And here's bro again:

A photo of the venue after dark can make a great closing page to a wedding album:

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