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Carol and Neville Photography Gallery. Wedding Blessing at St Thomas of Canterbury Church Worting and Reception at the Hilton Hotel Basingstoke Hampshire
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Vicar chats with husband and wife prior to their weddiong blessing ceremony at St Thomas f Canterbury Church Worting Basingstoke Hampshire

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Background Information and Highlights:

Carol and Neville chose their local village church - St Thomas of Canterbury Church in Worting on the outskirts of Basingstoke Hampshire - for their wedding blessing and renewal of vows. Carol probably won't appreciate Peter reporting just how long ago their original wedding ceremony took place - suffice to say quite a while!

The weather tested our patience on this late Autumn day, and whilst is was quite mild we did have to contend with frequent showers and gusts of wind. Therefore almost all the various group photos were shot inside in the bar at the reception venue - which was the Hilton Hotel in Basingstoke. Its a shame we couldn't get outside at the Hilton as there are some nice gardens available but that would have been asking too much of our guests.

A wedding blessing and renewal of vows is really very similar to regular weddings except the couple tend to have a greater input into what happens during the ceremony and there is no register to sign or witness.

You'll see that the church is pretty both inside and outside. Photography is permitted during ceremonies though not with flashguns - which could have helped as the church is quite dark inside.

Our couple booked a short duration photography package starting shortly before their arrival at the church and finishing once Neville had made a short speech at the reception.

The first photo below illustrates St Thomas of Canterbury Church in Worting Basingstoke, a tranquil scene before the arrival of the guests:

St Thomas of Canterbury Church Worting Basingstoke wedding venue

Inside St Thomas of Canterbury Church Worting Basingstoke Hampshire

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