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Estelle and Tony Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at St Richards Church Ham Richmond Surrey
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Young guest has some fun with grooms hat at wedding at St Richards Church Richmond Surrey

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Background Information and Highlights:

Estelle and Tony chose the modern St Richards Church Ham Richmond Surrey for their wedding ceremony. The reception was also held in the church's spacious interior.

The church is easy to travel to being just to the west of central London. The roads in its immediate area can get quite congested so do allow for that if you are visiting the church! There is a small amount of private parking immediately outside St Richards Church and lots more in the nearby roads.

The church is surrounded by a decent amount of its own land which can be utilised for the must-have group photos. However there is very little in the way of shaded areas and so portrait photography on a day like we had - very intense direct sunshine - can be quite a challenge. There is a water meadow with mature trees around five minutes walk away but for this winter wedding that was not used. Around fifteen minutes walk away - or a quick drive - is the River Thames and some photogenic backdrops if you can build this into your timeline.

The interior of St Richards Church is light and roomy and there are no onerous restrictions on professional photography or video during wedding ceremonies so Peter was able to shoot a good selection of both stills and video throughout. The big roof windows of St Richards do present their own set of challenges for photography and video on a sunny day as there is a huge range of light between the lightest and the darkest areas. Fortunately its quite remarkable what the latest software can do to recover the maximum detail in your photos, something which simply would not have been possible until recently without the use of complex multiple exposure and blending methods that are all but impractical during weddings.

Our couple chose a short duration combined photography and video package which started with the latter stages of the girls getting ready and finished once our groom had made a short speech during the informal wedding breakfast in the church.

The first photo below shows St Richards Church Richmond on this lovely sunny winters day:

St Richards Church Ham Richmond Surrey wedding venue

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