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Weddings at Poundon House Poundon Bicester Oxfordshire
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Bride and groom accompanied by members of their cycling club ride to their wedding reception at Poundon House near Bicester Oxfordshire

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Background Information and Highlights:

Amazing! Thank you very much. Not much work got done in my office this morning when everyone came in to the link in their inboxes!! Thanks so much for the photos, they are great and make me smile every time! And we all adore the video.


Our featured bride and groom selected a combined photo and video package starting with the girls getting ready and finishing once the evening dancing was well underway.

Our couple chose St Marys Church Twyford Buckinghamshire for their marriage ceremony. Or to give this lovely quintessential English village church its full name: Twyford Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church.

And to clarify its location: St Marys Church Twyford is in the village of Twyford Buckinghamshire, just a few miles from Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, and Bicester. Not to be confused with Twyford near Reading in Berkshire.

The church is located down a narrow country lane. There are private houses either side of the lane but there is available a limited amount of onstreet parking.

St Marys Church Twyford is beautiful and interesting both inside and outside. Our celebrant was very easy to work with, there being no unreasonable restrictions on professional photography and video coverage during the ceremony. As with many ancient churches however the interior layout does not lend itself to varied coverage and professionals are advised to visit the church before the day or early on the day to recce the options.

Our groom is a keen sportsman and this was reflected in the escort Lorna and Jonny received from members of nearby the Bicester Millennium Cycling Club whilst they made their way from church to reception in a cycle rickshaw.

The popular wedding venue Poundon House Bicester hosted the wedding reception. It is just a few minutes from the church. The trip does involve crossing the county boundary and so you go from Buckinghamshire to Oxfordshire.

Poundon House in the village of Poundon is a delightful private house with a rich and varied interior plus extensive grounds. It is light years removed from many corporate run wedding venues - it is just so interesting to wander around with its wealth of beautifully decorated rooms bursting with ornaments and artifacts.

Not to take any chances with the weather, Lorna and Jonny had a huge gazebo covering the rear terrace which in the event served to keep the guests cool rather than dry as for once we had no rain.

The wedding breakfast and reception took place in Poundon House's massive marquee.

The photos started with the bride and the girls preparing for the day at Poundon House. Peter photographed the popular subjects such as the flowers the dress and the shoes:

Bride's flowers at Poundon House Bicester

The excitement mounted at each new arrival appeared:

Bride getting ready for her wedding at Poundon House Bicester Oxfordshire

You can appreciate just how unusual and photogenic Poundon House is from the next photo showing our bride and bridesmaids making the finishing touches to the dress. See the lovely decor - and this is just a bathroom:

Bridesmaids help bride into her wedding dress at Poundon House

And lets have a close-up of that dress, again complimented by the gorgeous room:

Detail of bride's wedding dress at Poundon House Bicester Oxfordshire

How is this for a private house! Peter shot some setpiece posed wedding photos on the stairs and outside Poundon House before travelling to the church:

Bride poses with father and bridesmaids on the stairs at Poundon House Bicester

St Marys Church Twyford Buckinghamshire hosted the wedding ceremony. A lovely photogenic old church both inside and outside. Most guests arrive via the main path seen in the next photo. However brides arrive by another entrance which is on the extreme left centre of the photo in the tower (out of sight). That is the one through which the bridal party make their processional. The other entrance as seen in the photograph is the one used to leave the church at the end of the ceremony:

St Marys Church Twyford Buckinghamshire

And a wide-angle view of St Marys Church Twyford as seen from the rear before the multitudes set the interior abuzz. During wedding ceremonies the bride and groom are positioned by the kneelers, just in front of the wooden dividers which separate the choir pews from the main area. This means that professional photography and video are challenging because it is not physically possible to have a position ahead of the couple nor to shoot through the wooden screens from the choir pews. The area to the left is blocked by the pulpit and the couples mid-service chairs. This leaves a position to the right of the lectern, which is again made difficult if anyone other than the bride and groom stand at the front. Or of course be limited to shooting from the rear only. On the day Peter was able to hide a small video camera within the wooden screens and this served well as a source for still photos extracted from the video files:

Interior of St Marys Church Twyford as seen from the rear

Wide-angle lenses can also make for some terrific atmospheric photos as the bride and her entourage await their entrance:

Bride about to enter St Marys Church Twyford for her wedding ceremony

Once the ceremony was underway Peter changed positions to the front to enable the capture of photos of the couple and of the guests a little closer up. You can see in the next photo how tricky it can be to shoot the bride and grooms faces due to the limitations of this common church interior layout and the position of the VIP wedding party members:

Wedding ceremony underway at St Marys Church Twyford Buckinghamshire

Our celebrant wanted to minimise movement for photography purposes during the wedding ceremony but it was still possible to shoot a combination of compositions from the side and the rear of the church. If you look closely at the next photo you can see in the top right where Peter has attached a small black video camera to the wooden frame to capture our couples faces (n.b. the white object is a church light). A million miles from the sort of obtrusive video equipment most people associate with wedding videos!

Bride and groom make their vows during wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Twyford

Photography was not restricted during the signing of the civil marriage register (it often is elsewhere) at St Marys Church:

Bride signs marriage register at St Marys Church Twyford

Black and white can work nicely in some circumstances and Peter always includes a selection of the colour photos converted to black and white in the main galleries:

Bride at St Marys Church Twyford Buckinghamshire

Shortly after our couple had exited the church the members of the Bicester Millennium Cycling Club formed a guard of honour for their departure:

Bicester Millenium Cycling Club form a guard of honour at St Marys Church Twyford

Then it was off to Poundon House in the special cycle Rickshaw:

Bride and groom ride rickshaw to Poundon House Bicester

Wedding venue Poundon House Bicester Oxfordshire makes a great impression on you the moment you start to approach it. It has a long tree-lined front drive. There is plenty of onsite parking available to the left of the photo. The marquee is located to the right. If you are a wedding vendor with lots of kit to transport there is an alternative entrance which can take you right up to the rear of the marquee - very welcome after a long hard day!

Wedding venue Poundon House Bicester Oxfordshire as seen from the front

The marquee at Poundon House is just spectacular:

Marquee prepared for wedding breakfast at Poundon House Bicester

You can appreciate Poundon House's rural setting from the "standard" group photo of all the wedding guests:

Group photo of wedding guests at Poundon House Bicester

There are well-maintained gardens to provide a variety of backdrops for the various setpiece posed wedding photos that most couples like to have. On the day we had to dodge the sun rather than dodge any rain as it really was unusually bright and strong at intervals.

Bride and groom pose for photo in the gardens at Poundon House Bicester

And Poundon House Bicester as seen from the rear gardens:

Poundon House wedding venue Bicester as seen from the rear gardens

The speeches during the wedding breakfast are always a great photo opportunity. Even better when captured on video as stills photos can never hope to capture the context in the same way:

Bride and groom listen to speeches during their wedding breakfast at Poundon House

Lorna and Jonny chose a live band to provide the music for their first dance in the marquee at Poundon House:

Bride and groom perform their first dance at Poundon House wedding venue

The Ceilidh band (pronounced "Kay Lee") soon got everyone up on the dancefloor forgetting any of their inhibitions!

Wedding guests at Ceilidh dance after wedding at Poundon House Bicester Oxfordshire

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