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Kimberly and Nick Photography Gallery. Wedding at Holy Trinity Church Milton Keynes and Reception at the Holiday Inn Milton Keynes
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Background Information and Highlights:

Kimberly and Nick chose Holy Trinity Church in Old Wolverton Milton Keynes for their wedding ceremony.

Our couple booked a combined photography and video package commencing shortly before the ceremony and finishing once we had completed some group photos after the wedding breakfast and speeches.

The church has a handsome exterior and a quite spacious and pretty interior. The celebrants are very pleasant and easy to work with - so no onerous restrictions on professional photography and video during ceremonies. So far so good! The challenge when shooting inside the church is that the ambient light is comparatively low and of an orange tungsten flavour. So photographers do make sure you have fast lenses in your bag - f2.8 at least - and the means to correct the colour cast.

The weather on the day was similar to that which we've become accustomed to this summer - lots of rain! Inevitably this compromises the coverage to some extent, but we were helped enormously by the church remaining open after the ceremony - Peter put up some off-camera lights for some portraits and groups around the altar - and we had a welcome break from the wetness in the evening which enabled us to shoot outside at the reception venue. Phew!

Once the ceremony was completed and we had grabbed a big group photo of everyone in the churchyard we made our way to the Holiday Inn, the one known as "East" which is close to Newport Pagnell.

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