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Wedding at the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston Upon Thames and Reception at Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride and groom leave the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston upon Thames Surey after their wedding ceremony

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Background Information:

Once again we would like to thank you for our lovely wedding photos. My make up artist and hairdresser would like to use some of your photos for their portfolios. Also, the events coordinator from Lovekyn chapel would like to use some of the ceremony pictures to add to the Lovekyn Chapels website.


Melissa and Rob chose a relatively new civil wedding venue which at the same time is one of the oldest buildings in the UK - Lovekyn Chapel in Kingston Upon Thames Surrey.

Yes, despite its name the Lovekyn Chapel is a civil rather than a religious venue. It was built as long ago as 1309 and - you guessed it - spent much of its earlier life as a Chantry Chapel with strong Royal connections. Its fortunes waned in the time of Henry VIII as might be expected but it survived intact and was gifted to the new Kingston Grammar School in 1561. The school has in recent times diversified its activities and this means that this glorious building is now available for civil wedding ceremonies and other activities.

Lovekyn Chapel is in the centre of Kingston and so needless to say guests should bear in mind that parking can be a challenge. The school is located just a few yards away from the Chapel on the opposite side of the road and it has limited parking available which can be reserved for wedding vendors such as wedding photographers and videographers who have heavy equipment to transport. Pre-booking is essential.

The Chapel has a small garden to the rear which is suitable for some posed group photos. The garden is paved and well maintained with a good variety of plantlife within its high old brick walls. The garden's sheltered aspect makes it ideal for posed photos as it is not affected by gusty winds or by the detrimental effects of bright contrasty sunshine on the participants faces.

The registrars responsible for weddings and civil partnerships at the Lovekyn Chapel are from the local Kingston Upon Thames Register Office and as always were an absolute pleasure to work with. As was the school's wedding co-ordinator.

Once the civil ceremony was completed and our couple congratulated by all their guests, guests departed for the reception venue - Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey - whilst we stayed to complete a few photos inside and outside with immediate family and friends.

Glenmore House in nearby Surbiton is only a few minutes drive from the Lovekyn Chapel - satnav recommended what with all that central Kingston traffic and the one way system! Glenmore House benefits from having extensive private parking. It has very limited scope for posed wedding photos to its exterior but on the opposite side of its quiet road is a lovely mature wooded public park which is brilliant.

The first wedding photo below shows the Lovekyn Chapel exterior. It appears quite rural - who would have thought it is right in the middle of the bustling metropolis of Kingston Upon Thames!

Exterior view of Lovekyn Chapel wedding venue in Kingston Upon Thames Surrey

Inside the Lovekyn Chapel is light and airy and with good acoustics - great for wedding videos! Peter shot this interior view before the arrival of the decorative chair covers and couldn't repeat it later because very soon afterwards the chairs were occupied by the guests - but you get the idea. The organ which once occupied a worryingly large amount of space at the front of the Chapel has now been removed making the work of wedding photographers and videographers much more straightforward. Note to colleagues - you are allowed to move the piano etc out away from the walls a little to give yourself more space in which to work behind them - essential to obtain the best shots.

Interior of Lovekyn Chapel Kingston Upon Thames Surrey prepared ready for civil wedding ceremony

The Chapel decor when completed included the where-with-all for the planned sand ceremony in which the bride and groom mix different colours of sand together:

Sand ready for sand ceremony at wedding in the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston Surrey

Our groom was checked over by his best man:

Best man adjusts grooms lapel before his wedding ceremony in the Lovekyn Chapel

And our lovely registrar provided some last minute checks and reassurances:

Registrar talks to groom before his civil wedding in the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston

Soon the ceremony was underway and our bride made her grand entrance - known as the Processional in the world of weddings:

Bride enters her wedding ceremony accompanied by her father at the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston

It was possible to get good photos and video of the exchange of rings as the Kingston registrars have no silly rules restricting the work of photographers and videographers:

Bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding in the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston upon Thames

Sometimes the rings can be a tight fit!

Bride and groom struggle to put on a ring during their marriage ceremony in the Lovekyn Chapel

Professional wedding photographers use ruinously expensive but very desirable equipment to obtain photos like this where an individual can be picked out without a distracting foreground or background. This technique needs to be used in moderation but in the right circumstances works great:

Bridesmaid watches wedding ceremony in progress in the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston Surrey

And there is that sand ceremony underway, accompanied by wise words from the grooms dad:

Bride and groom perform ceremony with sand during their wedding in the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston

Peter usually converts some of the colour photos into black and white versions and you can see this in action in the main galleries. The next photo shows some of the excitement as guests leave the Chapel and make for our bride and groom:

Guests leave the Lovekyn Chapel after a wedding

Our couple preferred bubbles to confetti and this was arranged with great efficiency by the grooms brother - who did an excellent job throughout the day as master of ceremonies:

Bride and groom surrounded by guests blowing bubbles after their wedding in the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston Surrey

And after that a few fun and posed photos in and around the Lovekyn Chapel:

Bride and groom in fun photo after their wedding in the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston

The garden immediately to the rear of the Lovekyn Chapel provided a benign environment in which to shoot wedding photos as it is well sheltered from the weather and the bright sun:

Groomsmen pose for photo with groom outside the Lovekyn Chapel civil wedding venue Kingston Surrey

Then our couple departed for a leisurely drive in their vintage Rolls Royce wedding car before making their way to the wedding breakfast at Glenmore House Surbiton:

Bride and groom look through the rear window of their Rolls Royce wedding car as they leave the Lovekyn Chapel Kingston

Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey - where the wedding breakfast and evening reception were held - has a grand almost art deco feel to the exterior.

Exterior of Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey wedding venue

And the main ground floor function room really looks the part dressed for the wedding breakfast:

Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey room prepared ready for wedding breakfast

Everyone has at least one camera with them at weddings these days, be it a modest phone or a tablet or a compact, or something grander. Unlike many professional photographers Peter does not try to restrict what guests can and cannot shoot - they are bound to shoot quite a few funny reportage style photos and you can even use these in your wedding album should you wish:

Guests laugh at photos shot on a camera phone at wedding reception at Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey

The "official" photo session though is a time when guests activities do need to be reigned in otherwise it is very easy to run out of time. Glenmore House Surbiton has a fabulous public park directly opposite which is ideal for these photos:

Bride and Groom pose for wedding photo opposite Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey

The wedding speeches as always provided for some great photo and video moments:

Best man makes his speech during wedding reception at Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey

Careful what you say Mr best man!

Bride and groom listen to wedding speeches at Glenmore House Surbiton

The wedding cake was brought out onto the dancefloor amid a fanfare worthy of Hollywood!

Wedding cake brought to bride and groom for cutting at Glenmore House Surbiton

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