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Katy and Christophe Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey
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Bride and groom stroll in the park following their wedding ceremony in Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey

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Background Information:

As well as taking hundreds of beautiful photographs, Peter captured the most special moments of our day on video (ceremony and speeches). He did this in such a way that we were unaware of his presence and the results are entirely natural and captured the magical atmosphere in a way that photographs do not always. The video also includes many stills so that it catalogues the whole day. We have watched the video over and over again and we are sure our children and grandchildren will love doing the same. Thank you for everything Peter, 10/10!

Katy D

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Katy and Christophe chose Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey for their marriage ceremony and wedding reception. The entente cordiale between our English bride and French groom was a theme running through the day featuring both national flags and colours (even down to the fellas socks!) and this worked very well as you'll see from the photos illustrating the decor in both the ceremony and the reception rooms.

Glenmore House Surbiton is a freemasons lodge well equipped and maintained to host all manor of social events from weddings and civil partnerships to corporate dinner dances. It has excellent parking on site - always a concern with venues in the south west London area. It has no outside facilities suitable for formal wedding photos as such but there is a good sized public park just a few yards away opposite the front of the building and this is ideal.

The Surrey registrars responsible for weddings and civil partnership ceremonies at Glenmore House were as always very easy to work with and Peter was able to shoot a good selection of photos whilst Katy and Christophes' wedding was in progress. In addition he was able to video the ceremony and the speeches.

Our couple chose a short duration photography package. You see from the galleries that it was still possible to fit in a heck of a lot! Coverage started once Katy was dressed and ready, and finished shortly after the speeches - which were at the start of the wedding breakfast. There was quite a lot of emphasis on posed photos of family and friends, which is becoming more and more of a trend as many couples move away from a strictly "reportage" style of coverage.

The weather was glorious and thus quite a surprise for the early time of year. We were blessed with mild temperatures as well so it was no problem at all to pursuade guests to join us for photos in the adjacent park. Professional wedding photographers do not of course welcome bright sunshine because it makes the photos too contrasty and not as flattering as they could be even with heavy post production work. But we were able to find some suitable partial shade in the park. Phew!

Glenmore House is tucked away in a quite Surbiton crescent. It really is quite imposing as you approach it as you can see in the photo below:

Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey wedding venue seen from the road

Our couple chose the Tudor Room for their wedding ceremony. It is a very handsome room but can be quite a challenge to shoot in for professional wedding photographers because in strong sunlight the main subjects - the bride and groom! - are backlit from most angles. Fill flash to even up the light is a possibility but it not usually permitted, or even desirable, when the ceremony is in progress as it can be very distracting. The next photograph shows our brides arrival in the Tudor Room with her dad. The background light is indeed too strong to capture the stained glass which is a feature of the Tudor Room within the same photo:

Tudor Room at Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey with wedding ceremony in progress

The Surbiton Surrey wedding registrars are very relaxed about their job and there are no significant restrictions on photography or videography during ceremonies at Glenmore House, other than that they discourage professional photographers from changing shooting positions. So Peter was able to capture this shot of the groom's vows as he read them to his bride. Peter uses "long" lenses for such shots and so it is not necessary to be close to the couple:

Vows being read during wedding ceremony at Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey

Its great to be able to also capture the exchange of rings, and here we can see our bride suffering an attack of the giggles during the exchange:

Exhange of rings in marriage ceremony at Glenmore House Surbiton

Peter always renders a selection of the photos in black and white in addition to the original colour edit, and you can see this in action in any of the galleries. The next image illustrates Katy and Christophe exiting the Tudor Room after their ceremony and the presentation of their marriage certificate:

Bride and groom at the end of their wedding ceremony at Glenmore House

Glenmore House Surbiton has a grand main entrance which makes a great photo location. The next image shows Katy and Christophe as they leave the building, snatching a kiss on the way, and closely monitored by one of their flowergirls!

Bride and groom on the steps of Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey

The public park opposite Glenmore House makes an ideal location in which Surbiton wedding photographers can shoot the important family and friend setpiece photos. It has some shade, which you do need to hunt out on very bright days to obtain the best results. The next photo shows the main wedding party assembled under a mature tree in the park:

Wedding party in the park opposite Glenmore House Surbiton

Its much easier to find suitable shade in the park when the subject is simply the bride and groom - obviously! We completed a series of semi-posed photos at the end of the main photo session. Usually it does work best if all the big groups are completed first and the smaller, easier to find, and dare we say most motivated, groups and individuals follow on. Here Katy and Christophe have a relaxing meander along one of the paths:

Bride and groom in park opposite Glenmore House Surbiton wedding venue

It works well if some backdrops can be utilised to tell the viewer more about the day. In the next wedding photograph Peter positioned Katy and Christophe alongside a terrific display of daffodils - no missing what time of year this was!

Daffodils make a great prop for wedding couple on Glenmore House park

As mentioned earlier, there was a little bit of national colouring and stereotyping going on with our French-English couple. In the next wedding photo the groom proudly displays his special socks!

Groom proudly displays his special socks to his bride after their wedding in Surbiton Surrey at Glenmore House

The wedding breakfast was located in the large Glenmore House Elizabethan Suite, again decked out to reflect the Anglo-French connection. The top table can be viewed here, located underneath the Elizabethan Suite's two minstrel galleries:

Elizabethan Suite at Glenmore House Surbiton prepared for wedding breakfast

You can see the rest of the Elizabethan Suite in the next photo, before the influx of 100+ hungry guests:

View of Elizabethan Suite at Glenmore House ready for wedding reception

Katy and Christophe had a receiving line before the start of their wedding breakfast. Receiving lines are not very common any more but they can work well if you have lots of guests because it gives you the opportunity to make sure you have at least a few words with everyone who has attended the wedding. They took up position just inside the room's main entrance and sure enough the best friend of all brides and sworn enemy of all wedding photographers - bright sunshine streaming through windows - featured large. If you've ever wondered what is meant by dynamic range in photography, well its the ability of cameras to capture detail in the lightest and darkest areas. Cameras cannot complete with the range and flexibility of human sight and so to get detail in the darkest areas you have to sacrifice detail in the lightest areas and vice versa. But with a bit of luck and a lot of knowhow its surprising what can be achieved. Here we can see a guest window lit in the receiving line. Often black and white can work very well in these circumstances:

Guest in receiving line at wedding at Glenmore House Surbiton

There was an abundance of Tricolores and Union Jacks around and about as might be expected. Here we can see a supporter of the latter!

Guest in wedding receiving line at Glenmore House

The speeches got underway at the start of the wedding breakfast. This is popular with couples who wish to spare their speakers nerves as they can then go on to enjoy their meals without dreading their upcoming performance. As usual the father of the bride kicked off the proceedings. You'll see that our couple had direct sunlight upon them; some venues provide thin blinds for windows for just this eventuality and its certainly something that professional wedding photographers like to see!

Speeches underway during wedding breakfast at Glenmore House

Some of the French guests in particular were very expressive and appreciative of the speeches as can be seen below. The speeches are especially well suited for wedding videography and Peter did record all the speeches from a variety of positions:

Guests cheering the speeches during wedding reception at Glenmore House

Couples can have strong views on the subject of children at weddings and indeed poorly behaved ones with inconsiderate parents can go a long way towards wrecking the day. Fortunately that is very rare and the kids do present lots of great photo opportunities such as this little'un listening to the speeches:

Child listens to speeches at Glenmore House wedding

Many couples go to quite elaborate lengths to design and make their table plans, and the results can be most photogenic. Peter is always on the lookout for these and often all the detail can be read in the resulting photos. Here we can view Katy and Christophes' rendition:

Table plan for wedding breakfast at Glenmore House Surbiton

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