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Francesca's Party Photography Gallery, Party at Birds Hill Golf Centre Maidenhead Berkshire
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Guests pose for fun photo at Maidenhead Berkshire party

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Background Information and Highlights:

Wow, the photos are great! So pleased. Thank you so much!

Sarah & Francesca

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Francesca's 18th birthday party, held at the Birds Hill Golf Centre just outside Maidenhead and close to Peter's base near Reading Berkshire, had a horror / zombie theme - as will soon become apparent on browsing the galleries! The guys and gals don't normally dress like that - honest!

The guests went to a lot of trouble to look the part, and our hosts really pushed the boat out to dress the room in the appropriate decor. What a joy to shoot!

The only downside - if it was a downside at all - was that our guests were completely spooked by the presence of video cameras and so Plan A - which was to shoot most of the evening as movies - had to be ditched in favour of Plan B (no not the director of that excellent film Ill Manors); stills. Everyone was well-up for that as you'll see.

Guests of a nervous disposition were not helped by the presence of human remains at the entrance!

Skeleton at the entrance to a horror themed party in Maidenhead Berkshire

Those viewers scared of spiders should look away now!

Our hostess Francesca greeted guests and posed for a few photos at the entrance:

Hostess poses for photo at entrance to party in Maidenghead

The popularity of the selfie was as strong as ever:

Guests at party in Maidenhead Berkshire shoot a selfie photo

The rodeo spider - a variation on the popular mechanical rodeo bull was a great addition:

Rodeo spider at party in Maidenhead


Guests pose for photo at birthday party in Maidenhead


Zombies becon to camera at party in Maidenhead

Mechanical rodeo spider dismounts rider at birthday party in Maidenhead Berkshire

Everyone put it lots of effort to look original:

Guests at birthday party in Maidenhead pose for group photo

Lots of guests were only too willing to pose for impromptu group photos:

Guests pose with rinks at birthday party in Maidenhead Berkshire

Soooo photogenic!

It was a birthday party so naturally there had to be a birthday cake! And with a suitably horrific theme of course:

18th birthday cake at party in Maidenhead Berkshire

Don't you just hate it when your lovely family group photo gets photobombed by a zombie!

Zombie photobombs family photo at party in Maidenhead

Not quite murder on the dancefloor but close!

Guests dancing at birthday party in Maidenhead

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