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Weddings at Easthampstead Park Wokingham Berkshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Groom poses for photo with stag party during his wedding reception at Easthampstead Park Wokingham Bracknell Berkshire

This is a feature wedding / venue gallery. Browse lots of complete weddings via the main Galleries Page. And don't forget to check out the Videos Page!

Background Information and Highlights:

The pictures are fantastic. Thank you so much for all you hard work on the day, it is much appreciated, our guests who have see the pictures are very impressed. The album is fantastic.


Jess and I love the video - watched it several times! Album looks great.


Thanks so much Pete, the pictures are brilliant!!!


The photos are brilliant, I am really pleased with them and the dvd is excellent, you have done a really good job, thank you. And we would highly recommend you.


Easthampstead Park, or Easthampstead Park Conference Centre to give this wedding venue its full title, does not have a "conference" feel about it at all, so don't fret about that! It is a country house hotel with a large feature-rich rambling main building and extensive well kept grounds. Its location in Wokingham close to Bracknell Reading Basingstoke and of course the M4 M3 and M25 motorways makes it easy to reach. Its also easy to find if you are approaching from the A329 on the North side; but pay careful attention if approaching from the opposite direction as there are lots of country lanes to lead you astray. You can check out the venue's own directions here. There is plenty of onsite parking a couple of hundred yards away from the main entrance.

The venue also features Bracknell Register Office hidden away on the extreme left side of the building. That is a separate venue often chosen by couples who decide to have a simpler more modest wedding than Easthampstead Park itself offers.

The Bracknell registrars responsible for marriage ceremonies at Easthampstead Park are always very accommodating for professional photographers and videographers enabling Peter to shoot a good selection of photographs as well as record ceremonies in full on video.

The first photograph below illustrates the long tree-lined driveway which you use to approach the main building. It looks great when the wedding car is featured making its stately way towards the front courtyard:

View from the main driveway as you approach Easthampstead Park Wokingham Berkshire

It is around the back of the main building that Easthampstead Park's grounds come into their own with its extensive terrace running the length of the building and surrounded by expansive lawns and mature trees:

Gardens and grounds in the foreground with rear of main building at easthampstead Park wedding venue Wokingham Berkshire

Her is the view as you look from the terrace towards the lawns. Or rather it was the view until the two big shrubs surrounding the pond were removed! Should we start a campaign to bring them back?

The extensive grounds to the rear of Easthampstead Park as seen from the terrace

The main entrance at the front of Easthampstead Park is a good location for set-piece posed photos with the wedding car as you can see in the next photo. And it is of course dry underfoot so it can be a good choice if the grass is damp:

Bride and groom pose for traditional wedding photograph with their car outside Easthampstead Park Wokingham Berkshire

Of course most coverage starts with some of the girls getting ready and this can also include the fellas if they are up for it. Here we see the best man preparing his character assassination to be visited upon the hapless groom later in the day:

Best man prepares speech ready for wedding breakfast at Easthampstead Park Wokingham

Meanwhile the groom relaxes with a game of pool - or would that be snooker? Whatever!

Groom plays pool to relax before his wedding reception at Easthampstead Park

And his bride makes one last check out of her make-up before leaving for the ceremony:

Bride checks her makeup before leaving for her wedding

Detail photos of the dress shoes flowers jewellery garter and so on are a popular genre and look terrific at the start of your wedding album. Here we have our bride's garter with two rings of great significance to her attached to it:


We shouldn't forget the bridesmaids and flowergirls dresses especially if they feature such lovely detail as this one does:

Bridesmaid dress ready for wedding at Easthampstead Park

Of course the shoes are a favourite subject with just about every bride:

Brides shoe displayed ready for photograph as she prepares for her wedding at Easthampstead Park

There are some great getting ready photos to be made once the bride is in her dress and being helped to finish by her bridesmaids and mum. These lace-up backs such as we see in the next photo can be a real time hog - thats good for enabling a wide selection of photos to be shot but bad new if you are running late!

Bride is helped into her dress before her marriage ceremony at Easthampstead Park Wokingham

Peter always aims to shoot a portrait of the groom moments before the start of the wedding ceremony as in the next photo shot at Easthampstead Park in which we can just see a mixture of lots of joy tinged with a touch of apprehension:

Groom poses for photo before his wedding ceremony at Easthampstead Park wokingham Berkshire

Once the ceremony gets underway all nerves seem to evaporate as the bride and groom concentrate on the moment. Here we see the father of the bride giving away his daughter to the groom in the traditional giving of hands:

Father gives his daughter away in wedding ceremony at Easthampstead Park

And of course most couples also exchange rings:

Bride and groom exchange rings during their marriage ceremony at Easthampstead Park

Once the ceremony is over and the registrar announces that the bride and groom are now husband and wife you can be sure of rapturous applause from all the guests:

Guests congratulate bride and groom after their wedding ceremony is completed at easthampstead Park

This groom punctuated the day several times by punching the air - excuse the pun! He just could not contain his delight as he exited the marriage room:

Groom punches the air in triumph after his wedding at Easthampstead Park

Most venues including Easthampstead Park serve the bride and groom drinks as they leave their ceremony and they can then drink a toast to themselves!

Bride and groom take celebration drinks after their ceremony at Easthampstead Park

Easthampstead Park has extensive grounds with mature trees and some cottage garden style flower borders but it can be surprisingly hard to find shaded areas - essential for the best technical quality for portrait photos. The left side of the main building (when viewed from the rear) is usually the best if bright sunshine cannot be avoided. In the next photo we see the bride and groom in a traditional wedding day pose - one for a photo frame on the fireplace:

Bride and groom pose for formal photo after their wedding at easthampstead Park Wokingham Berkshire

Sometimes for summertime Peter will recommend shooting some of the posed photos in the early evening when the natural light can be much kinder than earlier in the day. This also works well if you have a very big list of posed group photo to work through and insufficient time in the afternoon. The next photo of our bride and groom with a guest was shot after their wedding breakfast on the elevated terrace at easthampstead Park:


Confetti is not seen as often at weddings as it was once upon a time - probably because many churches and civil venues restrict where it can be used. But it does make for a great photo as here on the steps at Easthampstead Park:

Guests shower bride and groom with confetti after their wedding ceremony at Easthampstead Park

Peter usually shoots the big group photos first so that the guests know they have "done their duty" and we can concentrate on the photos of the couple and with their close family and friends. The cottage garden borders are a lovely backdrop for bridal portraits at Easthampstead Park:

Bride poses for set piece full length photo showing her dress at Easthampstead Park

The next portrait of an Easthampstead Park bride and groom was shot in December. We got lucky and just for a few moments we had some lovely late afternoon sunshine on the terrace:

Groom in military uniform poses fot photo with his bride in grounds of Easthampstead Park

When the little people are to feature in photos often it works best if they can be lifted to the same eye level as the adults - either by holding them or by popping them on a natural feature as in the next photo of a groom with his pageboy:

Groom poses with pageboy for fun photo outside Easthampstead Park Berkshire

A photo of the groom with his stags is a popular request and usually this is best done in a fun rather than formal way as in the next photo showing all the lads on the main steps at the back of Easthampstead Park:

Groom and his stag party pose for fun group photo on the steps outside Easthampstead Park Wokingham

The same steps are a good location for the very big group photos as the guests can be staggered on the steps to ensure that as many people as visible as possible:

All the guests pose for a group photo after wedding at Easthampstead Park


Children pose for fun photo in the Orangery at Easthampstead Park Wokingham Berkshire

Guests play games on the lawns at Easthampstead Park Wokingham

Guests relax in the sunshine on the terrace behind Easthampstead Park

Just take a moment to look at the guest on the right as she relaxes in the glorious sunshine chatting to her friend:


Yep - thats her again this time at her own wedding. Peter is often recommended to friends and colleagues by happy brides:

Bride poses for photo with her young child

Guests take fun photos of each other during wedding reception at easthampstead Park

Guests relax in the main lounge at easthampstead Park Wokingham during wedding reception

Main function room prepared ready for wedding breakfast at Easthampstead Park Wokingham

Wedding cake on display at Easthampstead Park

Table plan for guests for wedding breakfast at easthampstead Park

Name place setting on table ready for wedding breakfast at Easthampstead Park Wokingham

Favour for guest on wedding breakfast table at Easthampstead Park

Toastmaster announces bride and groom at start of wedding breakfast at Easthampstead Park

Bride and groom enter their wedding breakfast to applause from their guests at Easthampstead Park









Take a close look at this guest as she studies the compromising photos of the hapless groom:


Yes - there she is again this time at her own wedding. Peter receives lots of recommendations from previous brides:

Bride poses for photo in gardens after her wedding




Yes that is a genuine fireman in the next photo - the fire alarm had gone off by mistake! Fortunately it was late in the day and so it didn't cause too much disruption.



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