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Weddings at the Dower House Hexton Hitchin Hertfordshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride and groom with their pet dog after their wedding ceremony at the Dower House Hexton near Hitchin Hertfordshire

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Background Information and Highlights:

Thanks very much, the photos all look great. We are very happy with them and it's so nice to look back on the day.

Marian and Dale

Our featured couple chose to have a Humanist wedding ceremony to express their commitment to each other, witnessed by their families and their friends.

A Humanist wedding ceremony is quite an unusual route to take in England and there are some extra hoops to jump through before you come out the other end! You can read more about it on the British Humanist Association website. One important difference is that in England (unlike for example in Scotland) the Humanist ceremony is not recognised as legally binding and therefore most couples also complete a civil ceremony at a Register Office. Marian and Dale completed their legal bits and pieces before their main wedding day.

Humanist wedding ceremonies do not need to follow a prescribed format and Peter has photographed some with very extensive and elaborate features. Marian and Dale chose a much simpler form including an outdoor ceremony.

Civil weddings in England have to be within a permanent and authorised structure. So if you really fancy an outdoor ceremony and do not want to have to go abroad (or to Scotland!) then the Humanist approach could be a good choice.

The venue chosen was The Dower House Hexton Hertfordshire. If you're struggling to place where Hexton is in the UK, well its just west of Hitchin and just north of Luton; and few miles north of London, a short hop from Junction 12 of the M1 Motorway.

The Dower House is described as in the style of a Normandy "manoir" and you'll see from the galleries that its absolutely beautiful. The couple's reception was based around an enormous double tipi in the grounds and so the interior of the house doesn't feature in the photos but rest assured it is lovely.

The photo below shows the view which greets you as you park up at the front of the Dower House:

The Dower House Hexton Hertfordshire as seen from the front

The wedding reception sit down meal, speeches, and dancing were planned for the giant double tipi from Tipis4hire, which had been erected in the grounds. Quite a change from white marquees!

Tipi from Tentipi prepared for wedding reception in the grounds of the Dower House Hexton

Benches and their accompanying furs were removed from the tipi and placed on the lawns for the outdoor Humanist wedding ceremony. In the photo below you can see the guests gathering just before the start of the ceremony:

Humanist wedding ceremony about to start at the Dower House Hexton Hitchin Hertfordshire

Our bride and groom made their entrance to the ceremony together, preceded by some very excited flower girls and bridesmaids:

Wedding party make their entrance to the outdoor wedding ceremony at the Dower House Hexton Hertfordshire

Vows and rings were exchanged during Marian and Dales' Humanist wedding ceremony. It was a real treat to photograph the ceremony outdoors - though the video coverage can be really challenging because of bright sunshine, wind noise in microphones, and the fact that everyone moves around a lot more when not within the constrains of a church or a crowded hotel function room!

Vows exchanged during Humanist wedding ceremony at the Dower House Hexton

Drinks were served - of course! And Peter couldn't resist what is a "photographers shot" of the punch bowl and the tipi in the background:

Wedding punchbowl at the Dower House Hexton near Luton

Milo, Marian and Dales' dog, was the most popular guest by far. And he just loved it!

Milo the dog at the Dower House Hexton wedding venue

The Dower House has plenty of space in its grounds to the rear, making it a particularly good choice for a wedding venue if your plans include a marquee ..... or a tipi!

The Dower House Hexton wedding venue as seen from the grounds at the rear

The catering at the Dower House was handled by Trollie Dollies, and very nice it was too. Peter does not want to reveal when he first worked with Trollie Dollies as it makes him feel old ..... but a clue is that it was at least two decades ago!

Catering at the Dower House Hexton by Trollie Dollies

The Tipis can make for a quite spectacular dance venue:

Dancing in the tipi at the Dower House wedding venue Hexton Hertfordshire

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