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Katarina and Richard Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at Horsted Place Hotel Little Horsted Uckfield East Sussex
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Horsted Place Hotel wedding venue near Uckfield East Sussex

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Background Information:

The photographs are great! Thank you. It has been such fun looking through them and remembering the day. You have captured some excellent moments and guests - the photographs of my mother are wonderful.


Katarina and Richard chose the beautiful Horsted Place Hotel Uckfield East Sussex for their marriage ceremony and wedding reception.

The Horsted Place Hotel is gorgeous inside and outside, in the style of an old country house. The staff are attentive and everything went smoothly.

The registrars who are responsible for weddings at Horsted Place are very well disposed to professional photographers and so its straightforward to obtain a good selection of images during the actual ceremony.

Katarina and Richards' date was very late in the season and so we had no natural light outside after the 4pm ceremony. But this was all part of Katarina's plan! Candlelit room, low key, and very few formal photos afterwards.

If formal photos in natural light are important to you and you have a winter wedding in mind, do consider what lots of American couples routinely do - have your photos before the ceremony! Bit of a culture shock for British couples but it can work really well.

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