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Fiona and Nick Photography Gallery. Wedding at Leatherhead Registry Office and Reception at The Running Horses In Mickleham Dorking Surrey
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Guests shower bride and groom with confetti after their marriage ceremony at Leatherhead Registry Office


Background Information:

We absolutely love our wedding photos so thank you. You really managed to capture the atmosphere of such an emotional and fun day. A glowing recommendation for you!

Fiona and Nick

Fiona and Nick chose short duration photographic coverage for their intimate wedding. Coverage started just before the brides arrival at the register office and concluded with the speeches at the wedding breakfast.

Their marriage took place at Leatherhead Register Office in the centre of Leatherhead Surrey.

The registrars are helpful to professional photographers and there are no onerous restrictions - just use common sense! The room itself is beautiful and photogenic. The lighting looks great to the human eye but it is problematic on a bright day for photography because of strong daylight competing with tungsten interior lighting - photographers be ready to spend some time setting and varying or editing your white balance.

The register office has extensive well kept grounds to the rear and these include the all important shaded areas so essential for good quality portraits in bright conditions.

There has to be one downside to the office I guess ..... and it is that weddings are conducted every half hour on busy days. So don't dawdle and don't expect to have a lot of time in the gardens unless you book the last appointment of the day! (which Fiona and Nick did).

After the wedding we made the short journey to The Running Horses Inn and Restaurant at Mickelham near Dorking Surrey. The Inn has a lovely olde worlde style interior. There are no gardens at the Inn so do factor that in if you plan to use it for your own function.

Many of Fiona's family travelled from their native Portugal for the wedding. Fortunately the English weather did not let us down and we could well have been in the Algarve for much of the day!

The speeches were made before the meal. This is often done now days in order that the speech givers can relax and enjoy their meal without worrying about what's coming afterwards. Its also a great plan for your photography because it means you can have terrific images of this important part of the day without needing to book your photographer for quite so long.

I had to feel sorry for Fiona when she called me shortly after the wedding - she had to put in a few days at work before departing for their honeymoon. Yikes! But I guess the honeymoon would be all the more enjoyable for it.

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