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Sarah and Andrew Photography Gallery. Wedding at Bookham Baptist Church and Reception at The Drift Golf Club East Horsley Leatherhead Surrey
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Wedding ceremony in progress in Bookham near Leatherhead Surrey

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Background Information:

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos, canvas and video. We are really pleased with them all.

Sarah and Andy

Sarah and Andrew chose a combined photo and video package for their wedding day, starting with some posed photos of our bride with her parents before setting off for the church, and finishing shortly after the speeches which were at the end of the wedding breakfast.

Bookham Baptist Church in Bookham near Leatherhead Surrey hosted the marriage ceremony for Sarah and Andrew. Baptist ceremonies are always lively affairs and that combined with no silly rules restricting professional photography and video means that they are a joy to shoot - and this was no exception.

Bookham Baptist Church is located in the centre of town. It has a very small area for private parking which can be reserved for photographers, musicians etc who may have a lot of kit to transport. There is a large pay and display car park next door to the church.

The building itself is modern so no Norman or Gothic features here, but it is light and airy and easy to move around within whilst shooting weddings. It has a balcony to the rear which provides a great alternative viewpoint.

The church also has its own audio system built in and videographers will be pleased to know that it can be possible to take an audio feed direct from the main board to a laptop or digital recorder. On the day David Curran of Matech Technical Services was in charge of the audio board and was able to supplement Peter's normal recorders with a file made direct from the board - always the best choice for top quality. Thanks David!

There are no church grounds usable for photos to the exterior of the church and so photographers should plan to complete most of the essential posed group photos either at the wedding reception venue or at a nearby park.

After the ceremony drinks and snacks were served in the church's adjacent function room before we made the short dash to The Drift Golf Club for the rest of the wedding day.

The Drift as the club is known is located just outside Bookham and Leatherhead in East Horsley. Unlike most golf clubs it is not prominently signposted so keep those eyes peeled as you progress along Forest Road or Ockham Road.

As with all golf club venues the club is open to members to go about their normal pursuits whilst wedding receptions are in progress. In other words there is seldom if ever exclusive use and this does need to be taken into account by photographers when planning locations for the various posed wedding photos. But there are areas adjacent to the clubhouse which are very suitable without too much risk from rogue balls! There is some shade available for small groups but larger ones do need to be set up in the open.

The Drift staff made a great job of preparing the function room ready for Sarah and Andrews' wedding breakfast as you'll see from the main galleries.

The first photos below shows Bookham Baptist Church from the main road, complete with our bridesmaid eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sarah. Parking for guests is available (pay and display) just to the left of the camera position. Parking for photographers can be arranged for around the back of the church and access is via a lane just off camera to the right of the building.

Bookham Baptist Church as seen from the main road in Bookham near Leatherhead

The is a large element of luck as well as the prerequisite technical skills involved in capturing the groom's first view of his bride, especially as photographers are invariably in stiff competition with dozens of guests outstretched arms clutching cameras phones ipads etc. So its very satisfying when it all comes together!

Groom sees his bride for the first time at Bookham Baptist Church Bookham Leatherhead

The balcony at the rear of the church makes for a great vantage point to capture the wedding ceremony vibe. It does get quite crowded up there but Peter was able to attach a small GoPro video camera to the balcony railing to augment the normal wedding video coverage. GoPro cameras are much beloved of dangerous sports enthusiasts who attach them to helmets for parachuting etc but they also work great as wedding cameras!

Wedding ceremony in progress at Bookham Baptist Church Leatherhead Surrey as seen from the rear balcony

If you think the sound board in the next photo looks complicated ..... you're not wrong! Here we see David controlling the output to take into account the various speakers and musicians. Videographers like to take a recording from such boards as the result is likely to be much cleaner than from standalone recorders.

Wedding ceremony in progress with sound engineer at Bookham Baptist Church

The band added to the ebullient extrovert vibe for this baptist wedding ceremony. The band also played in the evening for the dancing:

Band plays during marriage ceremony at Bookham Baptist Church

Peter was able to shoot photos and video from the front sides as well as the rear of the church to achieve a good variety of shots:

Bride seated during her wedding at Bookham Baptist Church Leatherhead

And here we see our bride with her newly placed ring:

Bride showing wedding ring at Bookham Baptist Church

There were no restrictions on photographing the signing of the civil register (unlike many other venues). Its great to capture this significant moment:

Bride signs marriage register at Bookham Baptist Church

After the ceremony our very efficient bestman and ushers organised for all the guests to assemble for a group photo inside the church:

Wedding guests in group photograph inside Bookham Baptist Church

Then on to drinks and snacks in the function room and a chance to catch up with old friends:

Guests chat after wedding at Bookham Baptist Church

Professional wedding photographers should always be aware of what is in the background to their compositions, not only to exclude unwanted intrusions but also to include some detail relevant to the day:

Bride and groom chat with their guests after their wedding at Bookham Baptist Church

There are no suitable areas for posed photos outside Bookham Baptist Church other than on the steps to the front:

Bride and groom pose outside Bookham Baptist Church

The Drift Golf Club, the location for Sarah and Andrews' wedding reception, was where we completed most of the various posed photos. There is some shade available among the trees next to the lake:

Bride and groom pose among trees at the Drift Golf Club East Horsley Leatherhead Surrey

For larger groups there is little choice of location if trying to avoid harsh sunlight - which professional wedding photographers are always minded to do. But the results can still work well such as in the next photo of all the guests:

Wedding guests pose for group photograph at the Drift Golf Club Leatherhead Surrey

All clients like to have a selection of unposed "reportage" style photos among their coverage. Not sure what tickled Sarah's fancy here!

Bride laughs with her groom at The Drift Golf Club East Horsley

A view of the first floor function room prepared ready for the wedding breakfast:

The Drift Golf Club East Horsley ready for wedding breakfast

Sarah and Andrew had a receiving line before their wedding breakfast. Receiving lines comprise of the bride and groom, and sometimes the parents as well, who stand at the entrance to the wedding breakfast room to greet the guests in turn.  It gives the couple the opportunity to ensure that they have spoken to every guest.

Bride and guest in receiving line during wedding at The DDrift Golf Club

The speeches are always a great photo opportunity, enabling wedding photographers to shoot many of the guests looking their best whilst they laugh along to the various speeches. And they work even better on video! Here we see the top table sharing one of many jokes. Peter always converts a selection of the colour images into second black and white versions and you can see this in action in the main galleries:

Bride and groom share a joke during wedding breakfast speeches at The Drift Golf Club

Guests were invited to guess where our couple would be spending their honeymoon:

Map inviting guests to guess bride and grooms honeymoon destination at The Drift Golf Club East Horsley

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