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Weddings at the Bedford Swan Hotel Bedford Bedfordshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride and groom stroll through Bedford after their wedding at the Bedford Swan Hotel

This is a feature wedding / venue gallery. Browse lots of complete weddings via the main Galleries Page. And don't forget to check out the Videos Page!

Background Information and Highlights:

Thank you so much!!!! The photos are amazing, beautiful, fantastic. There is no adjective to describe the remarkable work you have done which reflects so well the atmosphere of the wedding. Thank you so much, your quirky eye and camera have been able to capture amazing moments and smiles of parents and friends, just at the right time. Unforgeable memories of our wedding! Thank you. If only we knew we would have bought you a ticket to come to Australia to come for our official wedding! We were so disappointed by the job that the photographer did here. But C' est la Vie! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family. Let us know if you're coming to Sydney!

Dina and Lance

Our featured couple chose a great venue for their ceremony and reception - The Bedford Swan Hotel which occupies a magnificent riverside location in the centre of Bedford in the county of Bedfordshire.

Our couple live and work in Australia (near Sydney since you're curious!) and had their "real" wedding ceremony - the legalities part - a few days prior near their home. The English leg was to take in friends and relations in the old country plus the bride's exotic connection with the French West Indies.

The ceremony at the Bedford Swan Hotel was conducted by Robby Evans. Robby is an independent family civil celebrant with many years experience officiating not only wedding and civil partnership ceremonies but a wide range of other important milestones in life. You can read more about Robby and her services on her website Devoted Ceremonies.

The Bedford Swan Hotel is immensely characterful both inside and outside. Locals - as Peter once was- will be familiar with the famous view of the hotel from the bridge:

Bedford Swan Hotel seen from the bridge

The Bedford Swan Hotel image sequence would not be complete without ..... a swan!

Swan on the river in front of the Bedford Swan Hotel

If you cross the bridge to the opposite riverbank you can take in the vista of the hotel in the background. The area from which the next photo was shot is also useful as a location for formal group photos as the hotel itself has very limited outside facilities suitable for setpiece photographs:

Bedford Swan Hotel with the bridge in the foreground

This public park is just a stone's throw from the hotel so it is a great location for some of the group photos:

Dina and Lance had the hotel's State Room for both their ceremony and their reception. The State Room has a terrific first floor location overlooking the river. Natural light streaming through the large windows can be a challenge but one most professional photographers should be able to tackle. The next photo shows our couples ceremony in full swing:

Wedding ceremony in progress at the Bedford Arms Hotel

Naturally there were no silly rules and regulations regarding photography during the ceremony and a good selection of photos and video clips was possible. Indeed some guests left their seats to shoot their own photos - almost unheard of in most register office and religious ceremonies in England. Here we see our couple affirming their wedding vows:

Bride and groom during wedding ceremony at the Bedford Swan Hotel Bedfordshire

Dina and Lance designed their own ceremony in conjunction with their celebrant Robby and so could pretty much please themselves as to the content. There were some similarities with the Humanist ceremonies Peter has photographed but it really is up to the couple as to what the format will be:

Wedding ceremony at the Bedford Swan Hotel Bedford

The presence of young children at weddings can provoke very strong opinions both for and against. But they are so photogenic! And easily bribed with the odd snack!

Child watches wedding in progress at the Bedford Swan Hotel wedding venue

We managed a few photos outside before the cold conditions encouraged everyone to think better of it. A walkabout is always a great photo opportunity as here where we see our bride and groom approaching the bridge:

Bride and groom on the bridge in Bedford

Inside the Bedford Swan Hotel the 18th Century opulence shines through, the more so because of its recent multi-million refurbishment. The next photograph shows our bride in one of the many lounges:

Bride in lounge at the Bedford Swan Hotel wedding venue

After the ceremony the efficient staff turned around the Bedford Swan's State Room ready for the wedding breakfast. Here we can see the bride and groom taking it all in shortly before the arrival of the throng of guests from downstairs:

The State Room Bedford Swan Hotel ready for wedding breakfast

Dina and Lances' whole day was informal. There was no receiving line, our couple were simply announced then entered the State Room amid deafening cheers:

Bride enters the State Room at the Bedford Swan Hotel

There were no formal speeches, just a few words of thanks from Lance. More time was devoted to mixing with old friends and seldom seen family members (remember our couple live on the opposite side of the planet!).

Groom makes a speech during his wedding reception at the Bedford Swan Hotel

Our couple were in great demand by everyone with a camera, which was just about ..... everyone! Kids included:

Bride being photographed in the Bedford Swan Hotel State Room

There was no escape for Lance either! Camera phones seem to have pretty much taken over from compact cameras now, and its no wonder when you see the quality that can be achieved in favourable shooting conditions:

Groom being photographed in the State Room at wedding venue the Bedford Swan Hotel

The evening was devoted to dancing ..... oh and to balloons! The DJ was himself married at the Bedford Swan Hotel a few months prior to our couple and so he had a great affinity with this wedding venue.

Dancing in the State Room at the Bedford Swan Hotel Bedford

Guess what time of year our couple had their wedding!

Bride and groom pose for photo beside Christmas tree after their wedding at the Bedford Swan Hotel

Its great if an after dark closing photograph can be shot just to round off the coverage of the day, and what better place to shoot from than the bridge:

Bedford Swan Hotel at night seen from the bridge

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