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Arlene and Don Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at the Leigh Park Hotel Bradford On Avon Wiltshire
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Leigh Park Hotel Bradford on Avon wedding venue

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Absolutely fantastic, we cannot thank you enough for your expertise, patience and brilliance - and you will definitley be recommended. We love the album, the stills the DVD and the lovely calender.

Arlene and Don

Arlene and Don chose a venue far away from their usual stomping ground of West London, going for the Leigh Park Hotel Bradford on Avon Wiltshire. If you're trying to place that ..... well its right out in the wilds of the south west countryside, though Bristol is only about twenty miles way and Bath even nearer. Quite a difference to what might have been chosen in London - but the couple fell in love with the venue on a previous visit to that part of the World. It is actually pretty easy to get to, being not far off the M4 and M5 motorways.

We had beautiful Autumn colours for this late season wedding with sunny conditions and pleasantly mild when the sun was out. Being Autumn the sun was mercilessly low in the sky so we had to dodge that quite a bit when completing the posed group photos; think what its like when you're trying to drive whilst the sun is coming straight at you at windscreen wiper height and you'll soon appreciate what professional photographers can be up against at this time of year! Fortunately the Leigh Park Hotel has quite extensive grounds with a variety of suitable locations - it even has a folly or two in the grounds plus its own vineyard and orchard!

Arlene and Don brought their very own Reverend with them and the marriage ceremony was a religious one. A very short civil ceremony followed in a separate room with just a few of the wedding party present whilst the bride's sister took charge of a slide show to entertain the guests for a few minutes. Needless to say the Wiltshire registrars being the Wiltshire registrars were their usual selves and hostile to professional photography during the civil ceremony. What a shame that weddings and civil partnerships in this lovely part of the country are to some extent spoiled by the outdated and silly practices of a few registrars. Fortunately no restrictions applied during the religious ceremony and Peter was able to shoot a good selection of images during this most important part of the day.

A particularly memorable part of the day came when the groom's father, who is wheelchair bound and also can struggle to speak clearly, managed to stand up and make a speech. It was a real pleasure and humbling to be present for such a remarkable effort.

The Leigh Park Hotel has a good selection of different areas around the grounds in which to shoot the all important wedding photos, including this photo below of our bride and groom in front of a "folly". Its actually quite dark in this area and so somewhat of a challenge to get the images just right.

Bride and groom pose for a photo by the folly after their wedding at the Leigh Park Hotel Bradford on Avon Wiltshire


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