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Weddings at Bracknell Registry Office (now relocated at South Hill Park) Bracknell Berkshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer

n.b. please allow a few moments for the high quality photos to load; also browse what previous clients have said on the Kind Words Page.

The Bracknell Register Office has relocated from Easthampstead Park near Wokingham Berkshire to South Hill Park Arts Centre in the town of Bracknell. So this gallery is now of historical relevance only! You can browse a wedding photo gallery featuring South Hill Park here.

Photo: Bride and groom exchange their wedding rings during their marriage ceremony at Bracknell Register Office.

A selection of photos in this feature wedding venue gallery. If you are planning a wedding in the area do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many for you to browse e.g. Reading Registry Office, Newbury Registry Office, the Elvetham Hotel, the Audleys Wood Hotel, the Calcot Hotel

Photos are amazing! I've been hitting your site non-stop for days! Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of our special day.

Emma (Bracknell Register Office)

The photos look great. We were very pleased with the way things went on the day and that you captured the spirit of the occasion without being obtrusive. We were really very pleased with your work and happy to rely on your judgement.

Jon (Bracknell Register Office)

Background Information and Highlights:

Yes the correct term is "Register Office" not "Registry Office" though the two are often used interchangeably!

The Bracknell registrars have had a very low key informal approach to their duties for a number of years now and this makes the work of professional photographers and videographers that much easier. Indeed the staff have a customer satisfaction survey for their wedding clients and its clear they do everything they can to make the ceremony as pleasant as they possibly can. Bravo the Bracknell staff!

Many couples who book Bracknell Register Office prefer a strict target budget or may have low numbers of guests and so like to keep their professional photo coverage to just the one location. Peter offers special short notice / short duration packages for this - please enquire.

See Peter's galleries featuring some of the other nearby Register Offices at Basingstoke, Reading (old and new locations), Newbury, and the Guildhall Windsor.

Bracknell Registry Office wedding venue

Syrett Suite used for wedding ceremonies in Bracknell Registry Office

The photo below shows the Syrett Suite at Bracknell Register Office (as was) set up ready for the ceremony before the arrival of the guests. You'll see it is light and roomy and the decor really does enhance the whole experience - so much nicer than some of the plain "corporate" rooms available in alternative venues.

And an alternative layout of the Syrett Suite.

Wedding rings ready for marriage ceremony  in Bracknell Registry Office

Guests arrive ready for wedding  in Bracknell Registry Office

A great thing about small intimate ceremonies is that often it is possible to shoot some terrific character shots of the guests close up before the ceremony begins. And often it may be years since such photos were last taken, making them especially valuable. Here we see the Groom's dad. Our fella is called Hamish so no prizes for guessing from where he hails - and it becomes even more obvious when you hear the sound track of the video!

Groom and bestman fun photo  in Bracknell Registry Office

Here our groom listens attentively to the registrars every word.

Bride and groom make their vows during wedding  in Bracknell Registry Office

A close up photo of the wedding rings is highly desirable.

Bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding  in Bracknell Registry Office

The "look of love" ever present on wedding days is one of the most pleasant features of the job for professional photographers and videographers. Everyone is invariably in a good mood and all is well. Here we see that look in our bride's eyes.

Group photo after wedding ceremony  in Bracknell Registry Office

Here we see our bride and groom emerging to showers of confetti from their guests.

Guests throw confetti over bride and groom after their wedding ceremony  in Bracknell Registry Office

Everyone exits the Syrett Suite onto a hard surfaced terrace area which has been sympathetically landscaped to assist with arranging posed photos. There is an extensive area of woods and a meadow adjacent to the terrace and this can be used in suitable conditions. On the day if it is wet underfoot you may wish to remain on the terrace. The grounds at the rear of Easthampstead Park are actually divided with chain link to assist the staff in running separate events at the same time.

Bride and groom pose for fun wedding photo  in Bracknell Registry Office

The courtyard immediately outside the register office is nicely landscaped and so its an ideal backdrop for some wedding photos.

The wooded area along the path is a lovely spot on a summers day.

The lawns and wooded area along a path to the right of the camera position can also be utilised if the weather is suitable. Bracknell Register Office is a busy wedding venue and the amount of time available for post-wedding photos may be limited so another option is to shoot at few here and then move on to your reception venue.

The courtyard can be a tricky location in which to shoot portrait photos because it can be bathed in very bright sunlight at times - and this makes for photos that are more contrasty than you would wish. If there is some shade to be had then the courtyard makes a lovely backdrop.

There can be lots of cute character shots!

Wedding cakes can get very elaborate and very photogenic.

Room prepared ready for wedding reception

Bookings are welcome for just the time at Bracknell Register Office but Peter is often also booked to shoot some of the girls getting ready beforehand and the reception afterwards - whether that be a full-blown party or just a quiet restaurant meal for close family members and friends. For this wedding we adjourned to a nearby pub and the photo shows the bride and groom enjoying the best man's speech.

The reception is also a good opportunity to catch a few more photos with seldom seen friends and relations who may have travelled long distances to attend the wedding. Our bride is pictured with her Ukrainian sister in the next photo.

The little people can always be relied upon to make some great photo opportunities.

Bride and groom perform their first dance after their wedding

Most couples have a "first dance" at the start of the evening and this can be another terrific photo and video opportunity.

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