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Wedding Video Service
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An affordable professional standalone video and combined video+photography service by Berkshire based Peter Riding, working throughout the South of England.

Wedding ceremony video highlights at The Oxford Oratory Oxfordshire

View this highlights church wedding ceremony video (16 minutes): at The Oxford Oratory Oxford City, Hosted on Youtube.

View this highlights civil wedding ceremony video (16 minutes): at The Guildhall Windsor Berkshire, Hosted on Youtube.

Gay wedding ceremony video highlights at Beaconsfield Town Hall Buckinghamshire

View this highlights gay civil wedding ceremony video (17 minutes): at Beaconsfield Town Hall Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire, Hosted on Youtube.

See lots more sample videos plus technical information further down the page.

Standalone Video Service: All parts of the day can be video'd in full from getting ready through to the first dance and beyond. Usually two or more video cameras are used. The Service includes a full-length version covering as much as possible throughout your day plus a short highlights version.

Combined Photo-Video Service: A popular and long-established service. All parts of the day can be photographed in full typically using two stills cameras. In addition the ceremony the speeches and the first dance can be simultaneously video'd in full typically using two or more video cameras each positioned to capture a different viewpoint whilst not being distracting n.b. the ceremony speeches and first dance are quite static predictable parts of the day and therefore it is very straight-forward for experienced operators to shoot both stills and video concurrently with little or no compromise. The video footage is then edited to switch between each camera as the event unfolds.. The finished "Photo-Video" product has several chapters e.g. Chapter One = Getting Ready (photo slideshow); Chapter Two = Ceremony (full multi-cam video); Chapter Three = Cocktail Hour + Photo Session (photo slideshow); Chapter Four = Speeches (full multi-cam video); Chapter Five = Early Evening (photo slideshow); Chapter Six = First Dance etc (full multi-cam video).

See the Price List. For both Service options you receive a standard definition video DVD disc, and a separate video USB drive containing a file in the high definition mp4 file format optimised for playback on compatible televisions or via numerous devices e.g. Playstation 4. And watch your video file via personal computers tablets and smartphones. The Combined Photo-Video Service also includes all the professionally edited high resolution photo files on a separate DVD disc and USB drive. Option to view and download the video and photo files via private online links.

Peter usually works alone and this ensures that shooting neither video nor stills are intrusive and do not impact on the enjoyment of your guests.

Good audio is an important component. The groom may wear a small "lavalier" lapel microphone - similar to those you see TV newsreaders wearing - which transmits to a receiver in a separate audio recorder. This picks up audio from the groom the bride and (when close by) the celebrant. Peter may also ask the celebrant to wear a lavalier microphone. Peter also uses miniature audio recorders hidden in nearby flowers etc as these can perform better than in-camera audio. These audio options were not possible in some video samples on this page.

Peter also shoots lots of video and photo christenings and parties. Please contact him to discuss your ideas and plans.


Kind Words:

Thank-you so much for this (video) - its absolutely wonderful! We all really love it! such a perfect record and memory of our special day. Basically, we really love the film you have made and think its completely spot on.

Christina & Giuseppe

As well as taking hundreds of beautiful photographs, Peter captured the most special moments of our day on video (ceremony and speeches). He did this in such a way that we were unaware of his presence and the results are entirely natural and captured the magical atmosphere in a way that photographs do not always. The video also includes many stills so that it catalogues the whole day. We have watched the video over and over again and we are sure our children and grandchildren will love doing the same. Thank you for everything Peter, 10/10!

Katy D

Thank you for our brilliant video! We watched it on Saturday and it brought back some lovely memories and a reminder of what a perfect day we had, there were tears and laughter all round. I have since lost my grandmother so it's lovely you have captured one of the happiest days of her life that we can cherish forever. We can't thank you enough.

Paul & Sadie

Many thanks for our video, it is great and we love it! Very emotional watching it back. All the best in the future and we will always recommend you to anyone!!

Kelly and Daniel

If you are looking for someone to capture your special occasion Peter is your man! We only wish we had asked Peter to photograph our wedding as well as video it. Our day was magical and flew by. We are so excited that Peter created something so special that enables us to relive our wedding day whenever we want at the touch of a button.

Tammy and Laura

We just wanted to thank you for all you did with the photography and videography for our wedding day. The album and video are absolutely stunning and will always be a wonderful reminder of our special day. We will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. Thank you once again for all your help.

Parm and Mark

Thank you SO SO much for the stunning photos and wonderful video you've created of our engagement party. We are absolutely thrilled with everything. You did so well to capture the video displays from all angles to include our guests reactions, and the photos capture so many fantastic moments. The photos you took of our Mothers are particularly special. We didn't even see you taking these individual shots - you were so discreet! Please do feel free to pass our details on to any prospective customers looking for a reference. Thank you again, we're so grateful for all your hard work.

Chantelle and John

Very pleased with the photos, superb quality, they're all great, they captured our wedding perfectly and make a beautiful set of memories ..... and we didn't even notice you were there! We've watched the video and gobsmacked isn't even close. It is quite simply beautiful and has captured the extraordinary emotions ..... Becky is still in tears! Thankyou once more Peter from the bottom of our hearts.

Matt and Becky


Sample Videos:

Most of the sample videos above and below are highlights of 10 to 20 minutes duration of ceremonies and reception speeches. Much nicer and more useful than the plethora of 5 minute "greatest hits" videos on other sites that resemble car adverts on TV! You can jump to any part of any video using the scrub bar near the base of each video. More sample videos including all parts of the day are being updated and will be uploaded very soon.


Wedding ceremony video highlights at St Peters Church Burnham Buckinghamshire

View this highlights church wedding ceremony video (15 minutes): at St Peters Church Burnham Buckinghamshire, Hosted on Youtube.


Wedding photos slideshow featuring The Elvetham Hotel Hartley Wintney near Hook Hampshire

View this photo slideshow (14 minutes): OK a photo slideshow rather than a video! It illustrates how a Combined Photo-Video Service can include parts of your day as slideshow chapters. Several weddings from The Elvetham Hotel Hartley Wintney near Hook Hampshire are illustrated. Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Wedding first dance video at The Crazy Bear Hotel Stadhampton Oxford

View this first dance video (5 minutes): at The Crazy Bear Hotel Stadhampton Oxford, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Wedding ceremony video at The Hare and Hounds Hotel Westonbirt Tetbury Gloucestershire

View this full-length civil wedding ceremony video (14 minutes): at The Hare and Hounds Hotel Westonbirt Tetbury Gloucestershire, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Wedding speeches video at the Wokefield Estate Mortimer Reading Berkshire

View this full-length wedding speeches video (33 minutes): at The Wokefield Estate Mortimer Reading Berkshire, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Wedding ceremony video at Our Lady and St John Church Goring on Thames Oxfordshire

View this short video clip (20 seconds) in which the priest encourages photos during the ceremony: at Our Lady & St John Church Goring on Thames Oxfordshire, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Wedding speeches video at Somerville College Oxford University

View this full-length wedding speeches video (32 minutes): at Somerville College Oxford University Oxford, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Wedding speeches video at the Trunkwell House Hotel Beech Hill Reading Berkshire

View this full-length wedding speeches video (21 minutes): at The Trunkwell House Hotel Beech Hill Reading Berkshire, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Video of wedding guest entertaining bride at Newbury Rugby Club

View this short video clip (6 minutes) in which the elderley guest entertains the bride during the wedding reception: at Newbury Rugby Club Newbury Berkshire, Hosted on Youtube.


Wedding speeches video at Hartsfield Manor Betchworth Reigate Surrey

View this full-length wedding speeches video (38 minutes): at Hartsfield Manor Betchworth Reigate Surrey, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.


Wedding speeches video at The Elvetham Hotel Hartley Wintney near Hook Hampshire

View this full-length wedding speeches video (30 minutes): at The Elvetham Hotel Hartley Wintney near Hook Hampshire, Hosted on Youtube. Also view this Photo Gallery.



Some details - usually for the grooms - who are much more interested in the gear than in the videos!


First photo below: Left: a Canon dSLR in video mode attached to a window ledge with a Manfrotto Magic Arm and Super Clamp. This enables the camera to minimise its view by avoiding larger tripods. Centre: camera on a Zhiyun Crane 2 electronic gimbal. This enables Peter to pick up and walk around with a minimum of camera shake (Google "gimbal" for lots of details). Right: Peter often uses a monopod with its feet for ease of use and minimal intrusion in confined spaces - unlike larger tripods. The microphone on top is a Rode Videomic Pro, providing far higher quality than in-camera microphones. The furry cover in the centre photo is called a "dead cat" and minimises wind noise.

Equipment used to video weddings


Second photo below: Separate audio equipment can make a significant improvement to the audio quality. Left: a tiny "lavalier" microphone is placed close to the bride and groom and the celebrant, and wired to a small audio recorder hidden under the table. Centre: A standalone audio recorder is clamped under a nearby flower display. Right: An audio recorder is completely hidden among the flower arrangement.

Audio equipment in place to record for wedding videos


Third photo below: Church ceremonies can be particularly tricky when recording audio. Left: A small audio recorder is clamped onto the lectern to record the readers and the priests homily. Centre: Theoretically its possible to record audio direct from a church audio board. In practice often its inaccessible or locked away, or its a rats nest of cables which the staff do not understand. Right: As a backup Peter often records audio from a position close to one of the church speakers.

Audio equipment used in churches to record for wedding videos


Fourth photo below: Left: A groom has a "lavalier" microphone clipped to his tie or lapel. Centre: The microphone cable runs to a wireless transmitter clipped to the side of the grooms belt or dropped into a pocket. Right: This microphone is disguised by the groom's button hole flowers. Usually if lavalier microphones are worn at all this is only during the ceremony as they are seldom needed for other parts of the day e.g. small standalone audio recorders are usually utilised during the speeches.

Wireless audio equipment used when shooting weddings


Fifth photo below: Left: Tiny "Gopro" cameras, often used in extreme sports, can record great video while not being seen at all. Centre: Two Gopros have been set up to record from different viewpoints. Right: (photo being updated) Small video cameras such as Gopros can be attached to windows using sucker clamps, enabling different viewpoints that may not otherwise be possible.

Please note that Gopros can struggle to achieve good technical quality in very low ambient light.

Gopro cameras used for wedding ceremonies


Sixth photo below: Left: Another Canon dSLR camera in video mode attached in an unintrusive position for a wedding ceremony. Centre: Church weddings tend to be larger venues than those of civil weddings. A video camera with a long lens positioned on a tall stand at the back or on a rear balcony can provide a lovely alternative viewpoint. Right: Audio transmitters are picked up by wireless audio receivers - unsurprisingly! This has two receivers - one from the groom and one from the priest - attached to a standalone audio recorder which can take up to three separate transmitters / receivers.

Audio and video equipment used to shoot wedding videos


Seventh photo below: Typical range of equipment which may be used at various parts of the day. 1) Wind rumble reducer - commonly called the "dead cat" helps to prevent nasty low frequency noise in outdoor wind conditions. 2) Rode Videomic Pro greatly improves in-camera audio quality. 3) Canon dSLR video camera. Illustrated is the Canon 6D Mark II. Peter also uses Canon 5D Mark IVs. dSLR's have largely taken over from camcorders for wedding work as they offer superior quality in low ambient light among many advantages. 4) Articulating screens are much easier to use than fixed position screens. All the screens are now touch screens and all the cameras can be wireless controlled via smartphones and tablets. 5) Canon 24-105 f4L IS lens. A great general purpose lens which includes image stabilisation. Lenses can be switched to wider e.g. 20-35 f2.8L and longer e.g. 70-200 f2.8L IS. Zooms lenses tend to be more practical than prime lenses for fast moving unpredictable wedding video work. 6) Manfrotto quick release plate enables Peter to instantly remove the camera from the gimbal. 7) Zhiyun Crane 2 electronic gimbal enables the reduction and even the elimination of camera shake during moving around. Canon cameras can be controlled from the actual gimbal. 8) Standalone audio recorder (with wind rumble reducer for illustration). Sometimes it is preferred to use these rather than videomics attached to video cameras. 9) Zhiyun dual grip. An optional extra for the Zhiyun Crane 2 makes the handling of the equipment much easier, and can also have other devices attached to the grip. 10) Gopro Hero 6 video camera. The latest version of the Gopro can eliminate the fisheye effect common with earlier versions. It can provide a second alternative viewpoint to the main video camera. It can be attached to the gimbal or to the main camera's shoe mount (remove the videomic). 11) Friction arm. The Gopro is attached to the dual grip of the Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal. 12) Manfrotto quick release plate. Similar to the plate higher up in the photo, it enables the entire gimbal assembly and cameras to be removed instantly from the tripod / monopod in order to walk around shooting. 13) Manfrotto video tripod head. The main means of attaching a video camera to a tripod - obviously! Peter also uses a smaller head on monopods and on lightstands. 14) Manfrotto base leveller enables the equipment to be perfectly level - which would otherwise be tricky on uneven floors and outside. 15) Carry strap. You sure do need these when moving equipment from your parking area to your venue. 16) Ball head for accessories. Self-explanatory really. Devices such as audio recorders and Gopros can be attached and removed quickly. 17) Manfrotto tripod. Peter utilises various tripods, monopods, light stands, arms, and clamps to best position the cameras with minimal intrusion.

Gimbal used with Canon dSLR camera to shoot wedding videos


Eighth photo below: Once the video shoot comprising multiple cameras and audio recorders has been completed then its back to base for many hours of editing. Peter uses video editing software called Vegas Pro 16 most frequently. The next photo below shows one of the two screens used when editing. One screen has the actual editing software as below and the other screen (not shown) runs the relevant video camera clip full-screen (the full-screen version of the much smaller video in the top right corner). The photo shows three video tracks and five audio tracks at this point in the editing. The orange lines show the location of the various chapters points to be included in the final DVD. You'll see it gets very involved very quickly! Click to see a larger version of this jpg photo file in a new window.

Example of editing software used to make wedding videos


Ninth photo below: The next photo below illustrates that the three video tracks have been combined into one track to use during "multi-cam" editing. This means that all the cameras can be displayed at the same time on a separate screen (and in the top right corner of the photo). Peter then edits which camera to select at any moment in time. In this illustration there are three cameras and the one bounded in blue is the "live" choice. Click to see a larger version of this jpg photo file in a new window.

Wedding video being editing on Vegas Pro software


Tenth photo below: Once all the editing has been completed and checked the final version of the file is created. This is called rendering. The most common versions and standard definition DVD files, and high definition MP4 files. Rendering can take a very long time and is best run overnight. In the next photo below you can see that this MP4 file of 2 hours duration took 12 hours and 58 minutes to render! Click to see a larger version of this jpg photo file in a new window.


Wedding video being rendered using Vegas Pro software


Eleventh photo below: But rendering is not the end of it all! If the file is to be uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube (if requested and password may be available), this can take several hours depending on the upload speed. Peter's upload speed is around 10 mbps and this 2 hour MP4 file took around 4 hours to upload Once received by Vimeo or Youtube that hosting company must complete its own housekeeping. The next photo below shows a Vimeo conversion 27% completed and has 90 minutes left to finish. Click to see a larger version of this jpg photo file in a new window

Now you know why it can take a lot of time to finish professional videos!


Wedding video being uploaded ready for clients to view online



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