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Weddings at St Marys Church Shaw Newbury Berkshire
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St Marys Church Shaw Newbury wedding venue

This is a very short feature wedding / venue gallery. If you are planning a wedding in the Newbury and Berkshire areas do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many for you to browse!

Background Information and Highlights:

The pretty Newbury Berkshire location of St Marys Church Shaw a popular choice for wedding ceremonies.

St Marys Church is on the northern outskirts of Newbury very close to Newbury Registry Office at Shaw House - which is also a photogenic venue!

The church looks great both inside and outside and whats more the celebrant is very easy going and so there are no onerous restrictions on professional photography and video during marriage ceremonies. Whats the downside? Is there a downside? There certainly is! The interior is extremely dark in the immediate area where the bride and groom take up their positions for the ceremony, whilst the background ambient light is really quite bright. Our brains adjust for that and all looks beautiful but it is just about as testing as things can get for photographic equipment.Technical note: flash is permitted if desired but it doesn't help a great deal due to the effect of the inverse square law, which means that backdrops plunge into greater darkness. Oh well! So if you're considering St Marys for your wedding just accept that the mid-ceremony photos are unlikely to be technically perfect but at least this is a church in which photography is allowed!

The churchyard is a good spot for the group photos, it looks good and there is shade from mature trees if required. On the day we had some rain immediately after the ceremony but we squeezed in a few shots before departing for the reception venue, which was pretty much the plan anyway.

This wedding followed a reception was at another lovely venue - the Furze Bush Inn at Hatt Common, just south of Newbury. There were lots more group photos and portraits requested for this bride!

Wedding guests arrive for marriage ceremony at St Marys Church Shaw Newbury Berkshire

Flowergirls pose for photo before wedding starts at St Marys Church Shaw Newbury Berkshire

Bride and her mother arrive for wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Shaw Newbury Berkshire

Marriage ceremony in progress at St Marys Church Shaw Newbury Berkshire

Bride and groom pose for photo after their wedding at St Marys Church Shaw Newbury Berkshire

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