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Weddings at Old Luxters Barn Henley on Thames Oxfordshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer

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Group wedding photo at Old Luxters Barn Henley on Thames

Photo: Bride and groom pose for a group photo with all the guests after their wedding at Old Luxters Barn Henley.

A selection of photos in this feature wedding venue gallery. If you are planning a wedding in the area do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many for you to browse!

The photos are brilliant – thank you.

Kate (brides mum, Old Luxters Barn)

Background Information and Highlights:

Our couple chose Old Luxters Barn, a gorgeous old building which is part of the winery brewery and vineyard, in an area of outstanding natural beauty just a few miles north of Henley on Thames Oxfordshire.

The bride and groom chose a short duration photography package starting shortly before the wedding ceremony. On the day they decided to add some extra time which included the speeches and right up to the dancing in the late evening.

The cottage adjacent to the barn is great for the girls to get ready in. Its also good to be able to shoot photos and video from the first floor of the cottage to record everyone in the courtyard as in the topmost photo in the gallery. The vineyard on the other side of the cottage has a well-tended garden with mature trees and makes for an ideal location for the various group photos and portraits.

The registration staff were easy-going as always and Peter was able to shoot a great selection during the marriage ceremony.

Interior of Old Luxters Barn Henley set up ready for a wedding ceremony

The barn inside Old Luxters Barn set up ready for the wedding ceremony.

Bride poses for photo with her bridesmaids ay Old Luxters Barn

Groom poses for photo before his wedding at Old Luxters Barn Henley on Thames

Many couples like to have a few set-piece photos of themselves as they appear just before the ceremony.

Brideal party walk towards Old Luxters Barn ready for the wedding ceremony

Guests watch the wedding ceremony in progress at Old Luxters Barn

The registrars are fine with photography and video from the front of the ceremony so long as it is discreet.

Guests makes a reading during the wedding ceremony

Bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding ceremony at Old Luxters Barn Henley

Bride and groom sign their civil marriage register at Old Luxters Barn

Guests shower bride and groom with confetti at Old Luxters Barn

Peter was able to achieve this group photo from his vantage point on the first floor of the adjacent cottage.

Lovely gardens at the rear of the cottage at Old Luxters Barn

The rear of the cottage has a lovely mature garden perfect for some of the group photos and portraits. The vineyard is just behind the camera posiion in the above photo.

Bride and groom pose for group photo with their parents at Luxters Barn

Many couples like to have a good selection of semi-posed photos with their family and friends in addition to the ever popular "reportage" or candid style.

Peter was taken aback at first by the denim jackets for this November wedding but it soon transpired that the choice was deliberate - with the girls all having their names etc decorated onto the backs!

Bridal party enjoy a fun photo at Luxters Barn Henley

The wedding table plan at Old Luxters Barn

Old Luxters Barn interior set up for a wedding reception

Father of the bride makes his speech during the wedding breakfast at Old Luxters Barn

The speeches are always a great photo opportunity - and even more so for video.

Guests enjoy sparklers during the dark evening at Old Luxters Barn

Dancing in the later evening of the wedding day at Old Luxters Barn Henley on Thames

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