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Asian Hindu Wedding at Windsor Racecourse and Catholic Wedding at St John Bosco Church Woodley, Reading. Reception at Windsor Racecourse, Windsor Berkshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Hindu wedding ceremony in progress in Windsor Berkshire

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Background Information and Highlights:

Christena and Shiva had quite a day - two weddings in one day! First was their Tamil Hindu ceremony at delightful setting of Windsor Racecourse - one of the few wedding venues in Berkshire that can accommodate the very large numbers of guests often a feature of Asian weddings.

Then it was off to St John Bosco Catholic Church in Woodley near Reading Berkshire for the Christian ceremony.

And then ..... back to Windsor Racecourse for the wedding reception. Phew!

Our couple booked an all day combined photography and video package with extended coverage of 16 hours. We kicked off with the latter stages of our bride getting ready at ..... 6am. Christena had already been up for several hours preparing for this huge event:

We were blessed with great weather on the day. Guests started to arrive around 8am and were able to indulge in snacks and drinks before the ceremony started.

Our priests were very easy to work with:

Here is a sight never seen in the Church of England - a priest shooting his own wedding day photos! If only the CofE clergy could be as relaxed as this fellow!

If you are a guest or a professional photographer or videographer who has not attended a Hindu wedding ceremony before you may be wondering what to expect. See the information box below for a full description of the various events. You can also download this description as a PDF document.

Don't expect all these events to take place or to take place in this exact order. The first rule of Asian weddings is: there are no rules!

Typically Asian priests and celebrants are much more relaxed regarding the activities of guests and hired photographers and videographers than their Church of England colleagues. But if you are a guest please try not to block the viewpoints of the photography and video crews!

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