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Weddings at St Bedes Church Basingstoke
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Wedding ceremony at St Bedes Church Basingstoke Hampshire

This is a very short feature wedding / venue gallery featuring just a few of the 1022 photos Peter supplied for the bride and groom. If you are planning a wedding in the area do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many for you to browse e.g. the Elvetham Hotel, the Audleys Wood Hotel, Basingstoke Register Office, Oakley Hall Hotel.

Background Information and Highlights:

Thank you so much Peter, we love the photos - they're great!

Grace and Mark

Our couple chose their local St Bedes Church Basingstoke for their marriage ceremony.

The Catholic Church of St Bede in the Holy Ghost Parish is a modern spacious and well lit building. As such it is a good subject for wedding photography as there are very few of the challenges commonly encountered in older churches such as minimal light or cramped layouts restricting movement.

Peter was able to shoot video alongside his usual extensive photographic coverage.

St Bedes Church has a large enclosed courtyard adjoining the main entrance to the actual church building. This area is suitable for posed group photos if a little bare, as is the big lawned area to the front. On the day the weather was not ideal at the time the ceremony ended and so we completed Grace and Marks list of photos inside the church in front of the alter. We visited a nearby nature reserve to complete some more shots of our bride and groom.

The church does have a large car park but it should be borne in mind that this is shared with the school next door and can get very busy if your wedding coincides with the afternoon parents pickup time.

From the church everyone made the short hop to the Holiday Inn Basingstoke for the couples wedding reception.

Both our bride and groom originate from The Philippines and many guests were also Filipino. So as you might expect quite a lot of the events of the day had a distinctly Filipino rather than Anglo-Saxon flavour. This included a very extensive roll-call of speakers throughout the wedding breakfast - quite a difference to the usual "father of the bride + groom + bestman" routine!

St Bedes Church Basingstoke Hampshire has a very distinctive modern look as you can see from the photograph below. This is the view of the church as you approach it from the main road. Parking is to the rear at the extreme right in the photo. The courtyard is on the left. The lawns to the front can be used for setpiece wedding photos of groups etc if it preferred to the courtyard:

St Bedes Church Basingstoke wedding venue

This was very much a Filipino wedding and differs in a number of respects from most UK weddings. The entrance of the guests is an important part of the event - guests do not simply drift in prior to the ceremony. This wedding photo shows the guests gathering in St Bedes courtyard moments before their grand entrance:

Lots of youngsters really added to the great vibe of the day. Here we see them about to make their entries to the church aided by a quick pep talk from their coach!

Filipino weddings can also have somewhat of an American feel with some of the traditions such as the main wedding party taking up positions line abreast with the bride and groom. This can be a challenge for the professional photographer as its important to choose shooting positions where the bride and groom are not obscured by party members. Fortunately at the Church of St Bede there are no significant restrictions on movement by professional photographers and videographers during wedding ceremonies. Just be sensible! The photo illustrates the large scale and open spaces within St Bedes Basingstoke:

Wedding photographers must always look out for suitable locations in which to shoot the essential posed photos, and basingstoke wedding photographers are no exception. More often than not there are suitable backdrops at either the ceremony venue or the wedding reception venue or both. But if the variety is limited its always worthwhile researching a third location. Our couple visited a Basingstoke nature reserve.

The staff at the wedding reception venue - the nearby Holiday Inn Basingstoke - were pleasant efficient and attentive. Full marks to them! They made a great job of dressing the function room, including the wedding cake table seen below as our couple cut the cake:

Another Filipino wedding tradition - the Money Dance. Bank notes are pinned to the couple during this dance. Sounds good!

This unfortunate lad - or was he fortunate - was lucky enough to catch the tossed garter and so he was obliged to put it on the young lady who had earlier caught the bouquet:

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