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Shelly, Byron, Cath and Phil Photography Gallery. Wedding at Welwyn Garden City Free Church and Reception at Beales Hotel Hatfield Hertfordshire
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Bride and groom exchange their wedding rings during their Welwyn Garden City marriage ceremony

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Background Information and Highlights:

Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for everything you did for us in the build up to the wedding, on the day, and after. The photos look amazing, the video is an absolute delight and more than we could've wished for. It is absolutely brilliant! I really cannot express my thanks to you for it. It brought back all the memories of the day, which were very funny and we laughed a lot throughout it. It was particularly nice to be able to see our guests faces during the service, particularly at some of the points where the music stopped early, or we went to sit down too early, which we obviously didn't get to see on the day. As with the photos our guests hardly noticed the cameras and you managed to capture people in natural poses just enjoying the day.


Our couples chose a combined photography and video package which commenced shortly before the girls were due to leave for the church and finished after the first dances in the evening.

The day was a little unusual in that we had two brides - Shelly and Cath - and two grooms - Byron and Phil. Most photographers Shelly spoke to seemed to be confused by this and promptly tried to steer things in the direction of two separate weddings, bookings, fees etc. In reality it was no different to shooting just one day, all be it a bigger than normal day!

Welwyn Garden City Free Church, or Welwyn Garden City United Reformed Church as it may also be known, hosted the marriage ceremonies. The church has a town centre location but since this is a "garden city" travel by car is pretty easy. There is some parking adjacent to the church building and further pay and display parking opposite. There is a large garden to the rear mainly laid to lawn which is suitable for the usual posed group photos.

Our celebrant was easy to work with and Peter was able to shoot a good variety of photos and video throughout the ceremonies.

From Welwyn Garden City Free Church we made the short hop to Beales Hotel. Beales Hotel Hatfield Hertfordshire is the very antithesis of the English country house hotel so popular among many brides. None of the oak panelling or "chintzy" drapes or reproduction antique furniture found in so many corporate chain venues. Instead modern elegant lines among its wide use of glass and steel. A breath of fresh air!

Both venues are easy to reach, being just a few miles north of London and the M25 and close to the A1(M) motorway.

Our brides were ready impressively early and were fully dressed and sipping wine on Peter's arrival at their getting ready venue. This does matter folks. One vicar with whom Peter works is about to impose financial penalties on brides who arrive late!

The coverage started with the standard photos of the flowers etc which are so popular in wedding albums. Its always nice to get a few shots of the pets if they have not been locked away or scooted off to petminders for the day. This fellow was taking it all in his stride, soaking up a bit of morning sunshine:

Family dog on wedding day

Since the church is in a garden city there really are a lot of trees around - as might be expected. The tree lined avenue where the Welwyn Free Church is located is no exception:

Guests arrive for wedding at Welwyn Garden City Free Church Hertfordshire

The church is spacious and airy inside. It can be quite challenging for professional photographers and videographers because there is so much contrast in light between the windows and the rest of the interior, something which even the most modern cameras struggle to cope with:

Interior of Welwyn Garden City Free Church Hertfordshire

And the opposite view of the interior, this time showing the altar lectern and pulpit. If you look closely at the top of the pulpit you can just see one of the miniature "GoPro" video cameras beloved of extreme sports fans which also can work very well for wedding videography:

Altar at Welwyn Garden City Free Church

Always good to get a shot of the groom shortly before the start of the ceremony, in this case both our grooms!

Grooms pose for wedding photo before their weddings at Welwyn Garden City Free Church

Our brides arrived in a gorgeous vintage car which of course just had to feature in some setpiece photos:

Brides pose with wedding car outside Welwyn Garden City Free Church

Extreme wide angle lenses are great for portraying the sense of being there:

Wedding ceremony in progress at Welwyn Garden City Free Church

Shelly and Byron were the first to take the plunge and here we see them exchanging rings:

Bride and groom exchange rings during wedding ceremony at Welwyn Garden City Free Church

Closely followed up by Cath and Phil:

Bride puts wedding ring on grooms finger during marriage ceremony at Welwyn Garden City Free Church

Followed by claps and cheers:

Guests clap after marriage ceremony at Welwyn Free Church

And kisses and hugs. Peter always converts a selection of the colour photos to black and white so that couples can enjoy both versions. You can see this in operation in the main galleries:

Bride and groom embrace after marriage ceremony at Welwyn Garden City Free Church

The gardens to the rear of Welwyn Free Church are a decent location for the various setpiece photos with relations and friends. Shelly and Cath had a very large number of requests but since they had made a list before the day and also had an efficient helper on hand to assist with finding the participants it went smoothly.

Brides and grooms strol in the gardens at Welwyn Free Church Hertfordshire

Beales Hotel Hatfield Hertfordshire has a very distinctive modern design both outside and inside. Here we can see the main building exterior:

Beales Hotel Hatfield Hertfordshire as seen from the outside

The interior of Beales Hotel is equally unconventional and begs to be utilised for unconventional wedding photographs such as the next one where all the guests have joined our brides and grooms in the main foyer:

Wedding guests pose for photo in foyer at Beales Hotel Hatfield

Oh, and that car again. Beales Hotel has very limited facilities outside suitable for traditional posed wedding photos. Professional wedding photographers are recommended to visit the hotel before the day or early on the day to plan how best to use the location:

Bride and groom pose with their wedding car outside Beales Hotel Hatfield Hertfordshire

The main function room at Beales Hotel Hatfield prepared ready for the wedding breakfast:

Function room at Beales Hotel Hatfield ready for wedding breakfast

The speeches are always a good photo opportunity:

Guests enjoy speeches at wedding breakfast at Beales Hotel Hatfield Hertfordshire

The evening dancing was preceded by a bouquet toss - or two bouquet tosses in this case!

Bouquet toss after wedding at Beales Hotel Hatfield

And then on with the serious business of dancing the night away:

Dancing in the evening after wedding at Beales Hotel Hatfield Hertfordshire

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