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Background Information:

Antonella and Diegos' wedding took place at the Church of the Divine Motherhood and St Francis of Assisi Midhurst west Sussex. Quite a mouthful for a name - the church is sometimes called just St Mary and St Francis!

The church is modern and has good natural light - quality and quantity of light is always a concern for professional wedding photographers so its a treat to be able to shoot in a well lit building when so many churches are so dark as to challenge the limits of even the most up to date equipment.

The priest permitted reasonable photographic coverage during the marriage ceremony, just the usual stipulations of preferring no flash and no distracting movements. He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer himself and I'm sure that always helps!

The grounds of the church are simple and modern. We decided to shoot a minimal number of photos in the grounds and complete the majority of formal photos at Antonella and Diegos' picturesque reception venue.

From the church we made the short journey to the wedding breakfast location at Upwaltham Barns near Chichester West Sussex. Upwaltham Barns is a good looking well maintained and varied rural venue. There are areas of landscaped gardens and there are suitable interior areas to shoot formal photos if the weather prevents the use of the grounds. The light was very bright in the afternoon and so we completed some formal photos of the bride and groom after the wedding breakfast when the sun was about to set and the outdoor light much more forgiving - this only takes a few minutes and its always worth doing this if you can build it into your timeline. We "stole" a few minutes at the end of the meal and before the speeches.

Catering was done to a very high standard by Jacaranda Event Catering. I know for sure because I personally tested the food!

This wedding photo was shot with a specialist wide angle lens from the rear balcony of St Mary and St Francis Church Midhurst and shows the marriage in progress. The priest allows photography and other shots taken from the front of the church can be viewed in the galleries:

Wedding photography St mary and St Francis Church Midhurst wedding venue view of marriage in progress from rear balcony

The photo below shows the outside of Upwaltham Barns Chichester. The main entrance to this West Sussex wedding venue can be seen on the centre left. Several rooms, a bar, a courtyard, and neat gardens comprise the facilities at Upwaltham Barns.

Wedding photography view of Upwaltham Barns wedding venue exterior near the entrance Chichester West Sussex


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