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Weddings at St Marys Church Eversley Hampshire
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Mothers of the bride and groom make their readings during wedding at St Marys Church Eversley Hampshire

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We've received our album and we couldn't be happier, it is stunning thank you very much. The quality of all the little books is brill to.

Daneeka & Tom

This gallery features the picturesque St Marys Church Eversley Hampshire for marriage ceremonies.

Eversley is situated midway between Reading Camberley and Basingstoke, and although rural is easily reached from the nearby M3 M4 and M25 motorways. St Marys Church has plenty of wedding day parking available on land a couple of hundred yards from the building.

There are no silly restrictions on professional photography and video during weddings at St Marys Church Eversley. Indeed the staff are helpful and easy going. However the interior layout of the church is a significant challenge and Peter recommends that photographers and videographers visit the venue before the day or early on the day to plan ahead.

Peter can shoot the entire ceremony in both stills and video formats using his specialist equipment.

After the ceremony we moved to Wokefield Park Mortimer Berkshire for the wedding breakfast and reception.

St Marys Church Eversley looks lovely in winter sunshine:

St Marys Church Eversley Hampshire

The main altar area at St Marys Church Eversley is only accessible for shooting from one side - to the left of the camera position in the next photo, which was made with an extreme wide-angle lens to take in the whole area. It is not possible nor desirable to shoot further forward than the flower arrangements but this does mean that the bride's face is not visible for most of the ceremony. However most couples face each other during the vows and the exchange of rings and so the bride's expressions can be captured from a position towards the rear of the church, without the photographer risking disruption to the enjoyment of the guests.

Altar at St Marys Church Eversley

Here a just a few of the "getting ready" photos:

Bouquets await start of wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Eversley Hampshire

Bride has her makeup applied before her wedding at St Marys Church Eversley

Our groom had not one but two best men:

Groom and his two best men pose inside St Marys Church Eversley before the wedding ceremony

The next photo shows the view from the altar towards the rear as the groom banters with his best men. If you look carefully centre left on the ledge beneath the stained glass window you can just see one of Peter's four miniature video cameras which was able to capture some great footage of the bride without causing any distractions at all.

Inside St Marys Church Eversley before the start of the wedding ceremony

Soon enough the bridal convoy arrived:

Wedding day limos approach St Marys Church Eversley

And our bride swept towards the church:

Bride approaches St Marys Church Eversley ready for her wedding

Changing shooting locations during the ceremony is difficult because of the layout but with a certain amount of stealth it is possible to achieve a varied selection of atmospheric mid-ceremony photographs:

Bridesmaids during marriage ceremony at St Marys Church Eversley

Guest watches photographer during wedding at St Marys Church Eversley

Guests during wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Eversley

The wedding ceremony included readings by the two mums:

Readers during wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Eversley

Positioned at the rear it is possible to capture the bride and grooms faces during the important vows. This position also yielded some great video footage!

Bride and groom make their vows at their wedding at St Marys Church Eversley

Unlike many venues - both religious and civil - there are no restrictions on photography during the signing of the register at St Marys Church Eversley:

Bride signs register after her wedding at St marys Church Eversley

Photography at the church after the ceremony was kept to an absolute minimum as our couple were anxious to reach their reception venue whilst there was still some daylight. After just a couple of essential photos outside the church everyone quick-marched through the churchyard:

Bride and groom depart from St Marys Church Eversley after their wedding

Just time for a few reportage photos:

Bride and groom mingle with their guests after their wedding at St Marys Church Eversley

Bride and groom depart in their limo surrounded by guests at St Marys Church Eversley

And the contents of the Hummer!

Bridal party inside Hummer limo at St Marys Church Eversley

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