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Weddings at St Marys Church Burghfield Reading Berkshire
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St Marys Church Burghfield Reading Berkshire wedding venue

This is a feature wedding / venue gallery. If you are planning a wedding in the area do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many for you to browse!

Background Information and Highlights:

When looking for a photographer I had several criteria that had to be met. The photographs had to be excellent - I saw several albums so that it wasn't just the best ones that they showed us. When we went to see Peter he was still working on some shots from another wedding at our venue, so it was nice to see that he got some lovely pics from the venue and see the pictures before editing (as this showed he was a great photographer not just good with the computer). I also was picky about liking the person that I was going to have photographing my wedding. I hate having my photo taken and needed someone that I could relax around. For me the fact that the video would be unobtrusive was a bonus (using several small cameras). Everyone will be biased towards their own photographer, but I loved mine.


St Marys Church Burghfield Reading Berkshire, is a location well-known to Peter as it is his local church. The church itself is roomy and reasonably well lit, and so is a good choice where photos and video during the wedding ceremony are important to couples. Fortunately all our celebrants over many years have had good attitude towards professional photographers and videographers and so Peter has been able to shoot a varied selection of images and clips.

The churchyard at St Marys Church Burghfield is large and so there is space for the usual group photos with relations and friends. Shade however is in short supply and so professional photographers should consider shooting or repeating the VIP photos at the reception venue. This is indeed what we do on most couples days.

The interior of St Marys Church Burghfield near Reading Berkshire:

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