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Amy and James Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at the Sandman Signature Hotel Gatwick Crawley West Sussex
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Bride and groom pose for photo with their children following their wedding at the Sandman Signature Hotel Gatwick Crawley West Sussex

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Background Information and Highlights:

Amy and James chose the Sandman Signature Hotel Gatwick Crawley in West Sussex for their wedding ceremony and reception.

The Sandman Signature is a luxury boutique hotel located - as you may guess - close to Gatwick. Its easily accessible from the nearby M23 and M25 motorways and - of course - the airport, so its very convenient for wedding guests. There is plenty of secure ground level parking adjacent to the hotel.

The registrars were as always laid back and easy to work with and so Peter was able to shoot lots of photos and videos throughout the marriage ceremony.

The hotel itself has no exterior garden area at all and so there is no suitable outdoor location for group photos. At a pinch a couple could walk a few hundred yards to some public areas but on the day it was chilly anyway and so we stayed within the hotel. The hotel itself has a good variety of backdrops as befits a luxury venue; the ambient lighting is rather low and so its recommended that professional photographers use cameras suitable for these conditions together with off-camera lighting - which indeed Peter used for the group photos and portraits.

Our couples package comprised photogra[hy and video. This started shortly before the ceremony and finished a little while after the speeches, which - as it often the best choice of couples now - were made at the start of the wedding breakfast.

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