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Weddings at Pelham House Lewes East Sussex
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Wedding breakfast in full swing at Pelham House Lewes East Sussex

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Background Information and Highlights:

We received our wedding album and we would just like to thank you for all your hard work from your responses to our first enquiries to the absolutely wonderful final album. You have been nothing but professional, with a keen eye for detail and that all important artistic flare that we were looking for. We will happily recommend you to our friends and family.

Helen and Mark

Our featured bride and groom Helen and Mark chose the lovely Pelham House Lewes East Sussex for their wedding, both the marriage ceremony and the wedding breakfast. Lewes? Where's that? A charming little town near the south coast and close to its much better known neighbours Brighton and Eastbourne.

Pelham House dates back to the 16th Century and nestles nicely into the centre of picturesque Lewes. The grounds are mature and well maintained, and feature a sculpture park. That bit worried me as I've seen another beautiful old venue in my opinion spoiled by a very intrusive monstrous sculpture park all in the name of art. But at Pelham House its all very understated. The interior of the building has some interesting architectural and design features - in other words there are some nice photogenic areas which are invaluable in the Winter or in poor weather.

And speaking of the weather, we had a very wet Saturday! Always a disappointment after all the preparation and anticipation that goes with a Summer wedding. We were able to shoot our formal photos outside despite the drizzle as Pelham House an area at one end of the terrace which is sheltered by mature trees. We managed to persuade all the guests to come outside for a couple of minutes to complete a big group shot and that did need to be in the open. Helen and Mark are very much into the great outdoors and I'm not sure they were bothered one way or another about the rain, other than concern for their guests comfort.

The Brighton registrars were very helpful and it is possible as a professional photographer and videographer to shoot throughout the wedding ceremony without restriction other than the usual rules about not using flash and not moving around too much.

You'll see that the reception room has a very attractive art deco feel to it as does the main hallway.

Helen and Mark set off for a weeks hiking in Cornwall before taking their main honeymoon in October. Fingers crossed for the Cornish weather!

Pelham House, or the Pelham House Hotel as it is sometimes known, being an old building in the centre of the very old tourist magnet town of Lewes East Sussex has very restricted parking so be sure to make allowances for that when visiting.

The first photo below shows you the view of Pelham House as the hotel comes into view. No blue skies today unfortunately. There is a very limited amount of parking to the immediate right in the photo:

Pelham House Lewes East Sussex wedding venue

The gardens to the rear of Pelham House are mature and beautiful, and have a slightly tropical flavour to them. We made a lot of use of the tree cover in the next photo to get some protection on this relentlessly rainy day - can you spot the clues in the photo that rain is driving into the camera lens!

Rear gardens at East Sussex wedding venue the Pelham House Hotel Lewes

The lads arrive at Pelham House having completed their wedding preparations elsewhere:

Groom arrives at Pelham House with his best man ready for his wedding

Peter started the coverage with some of the detail shots of flowers dresses shoes etc that look so great at the beginning of your wedding photo album:

Brides bouquet awaits her arrival for her wedding at Pelham House Lewes

This makeup business is pretty serious!

Bride has her makeup applied before her wedding at Pelham House Lewes

There are several function rooms available for weddings at Pelham House. The next photo shows the Terrace Room prepared ready for the wedding ceremony:

The Terrace Room at Pelham House Lewes prepared ready for the wedding ceremony

This well-travelled little fella in the next photo made regular appearances during the day:

Toy monkey hidden in a flower arrangement before wedding ceremony at Pelham House Lewes

Our groom and his best man moments before the start of the ceremony:

Groom with best man posing for photo before his wedding ceremony at Pelham House Lewes East Sussex

And the best man does a quick check of his notes:

Best man checks his notes before wedding at Pelham House Lewes

A string quartet added to the lovely ambience of the day:

String quartet perform at wedding at Pelham House Lewes

The registrars who perform weddings at Pelham House come from the nearby Brighton Register Office. They are easy to work with for professional photographers and videographers and so making a complete record of your ceremony is pretty straight-forward:

Bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding ceremony at Pelham House Lewes

The mature trees overhanging the terrace at the back of Pelham House gave us just about enough shelter from the continuous rain to grab a few of the essential posed photos:

Bride and her father pose for wedding photo at Pelham House Lewes East Sussex

We managed to persuade the guests to join us outside for a quick big group photo. Hint: they folded all their umbrellas at the last moment to make the photo look a bit more summer-like!

Wedding guests pose for big group photo in the gardens at Pelham House Lewes East Sussex

The wedding breakfast was held in the Pelham House Chamber Suite. You can see it prepared ready and waiting in the next photo:

The Chamber Suite at Pelham House Lewes prepared ready for wedding reception

The wedding speeches are always a good opportunity for character shots of the guests:

Guest watches as wedding speeches are made at reception at Pelham House Lewes

There was no respite from the rain even by the evening. We made use of some of the ivory coloured umbrellas that Peter always carries to shoot a few more photos of our bride and groom in the gardens at Pelham House. Peter also always carries extensive auxiliary lighting which is not dependent on mains electricity and so everything can be shot inside if the need arises:

Bride and groom pose for wedding photo in the gardens at Pelham House Lewes East Sussex

The first dance in the Chamber Suite at Pelham House looks terrific:

Bride and groom perform their first dance at their wedding reception at Pelham House Lewes

An after dark photo of your venue can make a great finishing page for your wedding album:

Pelham House Lewes East Sussex wedding venue seen at night

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