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Weddings at the Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke Hampshire
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Bride and groom during their wedding ceremony at the Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke Hampshire

This is a feature wedding / venue gallery. If you are planning a wedding in the area do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many for you to browse e.g. the Elvetham Hotel, the Audleys Wood Hotel, Basingstoke Register Office, St Bedes Church.

Background Information and Highlights:

We really love the photos you took thanks ever so much they are brilliant!

Zena & Mat

The Oakley Hall Hotel is located close to the village of Oakley and just a few minutes drive west from Basingstoke Hampshire. Don't confuse it with the Oakley Court Hotel - which is another lovely wedding venue - on the River Thames near Windsor!

Peter has shot at the Oakley Hall Hotel several times over many years - he's located just a few miles north and so its easy to meet up if you would like to get together when selecting your photographer / videographer at his place or at the venue.

The hotel has a great variety of photogenic locations within the main building. Ceremonies can be downstairs or upstairs. The are seven licensed function rooms for ceremonies and can look terrific. The recently constructed Garden Pavilion immediately adjacent to the main hotel replaced the old marquee and looks gorgeous inside and outside. It can take over 300 guests for wedding breakfasts and receptions.

The exterior has a massive area of grassland at the rear and is surrounded by mature trees . The front of the hotel is well-maintained with shrubs and trees.

The registrars responsible for conducting civil wedding ceremonies come from the local Basingstoke office and are very easy-going. Peter is able to shoot a good variety of photos and video without any onerous restrictions.

Brides may choose to get ready in the lovely old cottage just a few hundred yards from the hotel. There is a golf buggy available to bring everyone from the cottage to the ceremony.

There is plenty of free parking onsite.

Most of the photos on this feature page illustrate a short duration wedding photography package starting once the bride was dressed and ready and finishing after the wedding breakfast speeches. To browse other parts of a "typical" wedding day take a look at Peter's galleries for the nearby Elvetham Hotel and Audleys Wood Hotel.

The first photo below of the Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke shows the exterior from the front. Immediately behind the camera position is the main parking area and to the left is the new Garden Pavilion:

Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke wedding venue as seen from the front

The next photo was shot by Peter from a light aircraft - no cheating with drones! This was shot before the new Garden Pavilion was completed:

Oakley Hall Hotel wedding venue as seen from a light aircraft

The grounds around the rear of the hotel are enormous!

The cottage near the hotel is a popular place in which to get ready for your wedding day:

The next photo shows the function room on the first floor set up ready for the wedding ceremony:

Function room at the Oakley Hall Hotel set up ready for wedding ceremony

Frequently before the wedding gets underway a few semi-posed photos of the participants are requested:

Groom poses for photo with best man before his wedding at the Oakley Hall Hotel

Guests congregate in the main bar before moving to the wedding ceremony room:

Most brides like to have a few set-piece photos just before the ceremony is to commence. The cottage and the area around it is ideal for this:

Bride poses for photo before her wedding at the Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke

The function rooms are bright and well-lit so work well for professional photography and video:

Bride and groom exchange their wedding rings during their ceremony at the Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke

Most couples like to have a variety of group photos and portraits once the ceremony is finished. Peter recommends that we put together a list before the day and then it can all be quick and easy on the day:

Guests pose for group photo with bride and groom after their wedding at the Oakley Hall Hotel

On days with very bright sunlight its usually best to find some shade for the posed photos as these be of a better technical quality:

You can have as many or as few group and portrait photos as you wish:

There can be a "receiving line" just before the wedding breakfast. The bride and groom - and sometimes the parents as well - greet each guest for a few seconds as the guests enter the reception room:

There are some great photos and video to be shot during the speeches!

Guests laugh during speeches at the wedding breakfast

The wedding cake is usually cut in the evening just before the first dance:

Bride and groom cut their wedding cake

The evening dancing is popular in the Garden Pavilion:

Bride and groom perform their first dance at the Oakley Hall Hotel wedding venue in Basingstoke

And of course the exterior of the Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke is ideal for fireworks:

Fireworks at wedding reception at the Oakley Hall Hotel Basingstoke Hampshire

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