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Weddings at St Francis of Assisi Church Terriers High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride signs the register after her wedding in St Francis Church High Wycombe

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Background Information and Highlights:

Thank you so much for all your hard work, the pictures look fantastic, very impressed with everything!

Jackie & Daniel

Our featured couple Jackie and Daniel chose St Francis of Assisi Church High Wycombe Buckinghamshire for their winter marriage ceremony.

St Francis of Assisi Church, also known as Terriers Church because of its location in the Terriers district of High Wycombe, is a picturesque building both inside and outside. It has a decent amount of free onsite parking and large enough grounds in which to shoot big group photos. It is easy to reach from the nearby junction 4 of the M40 motorway and High Wycombe is itself just 10 or so miles from the M25.

Photography and video may be restricted during wedding ceremonies so couples are advised to discuss their plans with the celebrant well before the day and preferably before booking in order to avoid disappointment. The default policy of the church is for a little photography at certain points in the ceremony, and a - quote - "blanket ban" on video. Fortunately Peter was able to discuss these points at the rehearsal and obtained permission for the photography to be much more extensive. And video was allowed in full, comprising one large main camera and four other small secreted video cameras to record alternative viewpoints. The internal layout of the church restricts shooting positions making photography quite difficult and the small video cameras were able to provide a much more varied record - this happens surprisingly often.

We were lucky with the weather on this winters day as early rain passed and we were treated to bright and quite mild conditions by the time it really mattered.

The first photo below shows St Francis of Assisi Church Terriers High Wycombe:

St Francis of Assisi Church Terriers High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

And a view of the inside of St Francis Church shot before the arrival of the guests:

Interior view of St Francis of Assisi Church Terriers High Wycombe

The large area of hard standing at the front of the church means that we didn't need to worry about the ladies shoes sinking into lawns. Here we see our bride with her many bridesmaids flowergirls and pageboys moments before the start of her wedding ceremony:

Bride poses for photo with bridesmaids outside St Francis Terriers Church High Wycombe

Jackie chose two strong men to give her away!

Bride enters church for her wedding at St Francis High Wycombe

The layout inside the church makes it tricky to obtain clean shots of the couple. Photos from the rear with a suitably long lens can work well:

Bride and groom exchange vows during their wedding ceremony at St Francis of Assisi Church

An aisle position can yield some nice alternative viewpoints:

Bride looks towards her groom during her wedding at Terriers Church High Wycombe

The aisles also afford the opportunity to shoot some photos of the wedding guests. The "little folk" always look so cute!

Pageboy watches wedding ceremony in St Francis of Assisi Church High Wycombe

Guests chat during wedding ceremony at Terriers Church High Wycombe

The mature trees in the grounds of the church make for a pleasing backdrop for some of the group photos. Its not technically ideal because of the bright direct sunlight but hey it looks lovely!

Guests pose for group photo with bride and groom after wedding at St Francis of Assisi Church High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

After their wedding ceremony at St Francis Church High Wycombe our featured couple continued their celebrations at the Grovefield House Hotel in nearby Burnham.

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