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Rosy and Kevin Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at The Riding School Hatfield House Hatfield Hertfordshire
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Bride and groom in the gardens at Hatfield House Hertfordshire after their wedding ceremony

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Background Information:

Thanks very much for getting the photos up so quickly. They're all really lovely; I think we're going to have a hard time choosing!

Rosy and Kevin

Rosy and Kevin chose Hatfield House Hatfield Hertfordshire for their wedding ceremony and reception. Hatfield House offers two locations for marriage ceremonies, the Old Palace Banqueting Hall and the Riding School, and the couple chose the light and roomy Riding School (just for the record the Banqueting Hall is also very nice!).

Hatfield House is a huge and spectacular setting, open to the public, and often plays host to TV and film productions. Indeed whilst we were there filming was taking place starring the worryingly unpredictable Russell Brand. Fortunately he kept to his part of the estate - and we kept to ours!

We had good weather for this Summer wedding, which in photographer speak means that we had opportunities to shoot during periods of cloud. This always makes for better quality formal photos than if we have bright sunshine burning straight down on us.

When I say Rosy and Kevin chose Hatfield House, they didn't "choose" it in the conventional sense. They are expats hailing from the Middle East and managed to persuade various friends and relations to visit numerous venues armed with cameras to help do their research. Thats the way to do it!

After the wedding the couple departed for their honeymoon trekking around Peru - wow!

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