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Paula and Phil Photography Gallery. Wedding at St Sebastian's Church Wokingham Berkshire and Reception at Royal Holloway University of London Egham Surrey
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride and groom listen to best mans speech during wedding reception at the Royal Holloway University of London Egham Surrey

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Background Information:

The Venue for this June wedding was St Sebastians Church Wokingham Berkshire. The church is compact and pretty inside and outside. It would make a great subject but unfortunately the officiant does not permit photography during the marriage ceremony other than from the back and even then only whilst hymns are being sung. Since the congregation stands up to sing this severely limits photographic coverage because they block the view! The church has a small doorway at the front and this has great potential as a position from which to photograph the ceremony unobtrusively from the front. Lets hope the church authorities have an outbreak of common sense before long and realise that a photographic record of the most important part of the most important day of the couples' lives does matter! Parking near the church is in short supply and photographers are advised to try and reserve a place or allow sufficient time to walk from on street parking.

From St Sebastians Church we adjourned up the road to the grand Royal Holloway University of London building in Egham Surrey. This spectacular building was a gift to the nation by the Victorian multimillionaire philanthropist Thomas Holloway. Its almost too grand to capture wedding and architectural subjects in the same frame and photographers are advised to pack your extra wide angle lenses. The Royal Holloway has gardens to the rear but these are somewhat overgrown and formal photography is best done around the main buildings, including from the balconies.

We had changeable weather on the day. Warm sunshine in the morning but by the afternoon it had become overcast windy and with a slight nip in the air. Unfortunately as is always the case in these conditions at weddings, the guests huddled inside during the cocktail hour in the dark and distinctly unphotogenic student bar!

The interior function rooms are beautiful as you'll see in the galleries. Paula and Phil had the Founders Hall.

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