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Amy and Paul Photography Gallery. Wedding at St Georges Church Bickley and Reception at Oakwood House Oakwood Park Maidstone Kent
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Bride and groom leave their church for their wedding reception at Oakwood House Oakwood Park Maidstone Kent

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Background Information:

The photographs are lovely. Thank you so much.

Amy and Paul

Amy and Paul chose St Georges Church Bickley near Bromley Kent for their marriage ceremony. The church has a roomy interior and with quite good natural light so it is a good venue for photography. However, photography during the ceremony was restricted - no flash during the ceremony (which is normal) and an absolute minimum of moving positions. Photographers should ensure that you have long lenses as the closest permitted distance to the bride and groom is quite far.

Our priest on the day has a certain reputation as I learned from the videographer who has worked with him several times. Brides should not be late otherwise he WILL veto shooting before the ceremony. He may also chop out parts of your service to get things back on time! Soooo brides ..... don't be late!

Shooting in the Bickley Bromley Orpington area brought back memories for me as I lived in this area many years ago. Can I say its changed? I was to busy to notice!

From St Georges Church we made the journey some distance to Oakwood House Oakwood Park Maidstone Kent. I've noticed with a number of local authority maintained wedding venues that the standard of maintenance both inside and outside is very good. This is something all photographers worry about as some commercial venues seek to cut corners to save money. Oakwood House has some photogenic grounds to the rear and these are bordered by a wide gravel terrace which the ladies appreciate; bloke thinks why? Well the ladies don't like their high heels sinking into grass if there has been a little rain, so now you know.

Amy and Paul had a lovely horse and carriage for the journeys around Bickley. Fleetingly I wondered whether it would find its way the 30 miles from Bickley to Maidstone - silly me!

The couple arranged a spectacular dance routine for the evening.

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