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Weddings at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough Hampshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Guests gather on staircase inside the Aviator Hotel Farnborough for a group wedding photograph

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Background Information and Highlights:

The pictures are lovely, all well above our expectations. Thank you so much!!!


Our featured couple chose the über stylish Aviator Hotel Farnborough Hampshire for their wedding ceremony and reception.

This TAG boutique hotel is quite unlike any other wedding venue. Its style might be described as art deco, if that is to mean glamour, elegance, and modernity. It borders the world famous Farnborough airport and the interior of the hotel features many photos and memorabilia celebrating the site's rich aviation heritage. It is probably the last word in luxury (outside of some of the Gulf hotels) which makes it easy to understand why it is favoured by Formula 1 racing teams flying around the World from Farnborough.

The registrars who conduct marriages and civil partnership ceremonies at the Aviator Hotel are part of the excellent team from the nearby Aldershot office. They are some of the most pleasant and easiest to work with in the country. And the girls who took Donna and Garys' wedding couldn't be more suited to their work; their pre-wedding conversations with Peter included all the latest on the various wedding related reality TV shows! So its not just a job for them, its a vocation.

The ceremony itself took place in the Aviator Hotel's Wright Room. The gorgeous design of the room makes for some great wedding photos and video. Our couple's reception took place in the upper floor Sky Lounge.

The Aviator Hotel Farnborough is pretty much unique in its design both inside and out. The lighting inside is varied in colour to accentuate the architectural and furnishing features and is very low. Professional photographers unfamiliar with this hotel should certainly visit it before the day to familiarise themselves with its technical demands. The hotel has very little in the way of formal gardens outside and this needs to be taken into account when planning the important posed groups of family and friends.

Donna and Gary chose a short duration photographic package but it was amazing what we managed to fit in. They had a late afternoon ceremony - 5pm - and the wedding reception had more of a party vibe than the traditional wedding breakfast. Guests indulged in the hotel's excellent canapes and other tasty delights in the exclusive top floor Sky Lounge rather than a full-on sitdown meal. This was followed by speeches and lots of dancing, whilst the less energetic among the guests soaked up the unique ambience seated within the hotel's many hidyholes in and around the Sky Lounge.

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The photo below shows your first view of the Aviator Hotel Farnborough as you approach it from the main A325:

Aviator Hotel Farnborough Hampshire as seen from the roadside

Its when you get up close to the Aviator Farnborough that its unique charms become much more apparent, as in the next photo showing our couple outside the main entrance:

Bride and groom ouside the entrance to the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

The foyer and main hall of the Aviator Hotel are truly spectacular. Farnborough professional wedding photographers should ensure they bring along their widest angle lenses to capture the best shots, such as this photo showing our couple with all their guests on the stairs:

Wedding guests posed on the stairs at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

The stairs leading from the foyer also make for some interesting photos of smaller groups - and of course the bride and groom - as do the nearby opulent furnishings. Auxiliary lighting is essential in these areas, even with camera bodies capable of excellent high ISO / low light performance such as the Canon 5D Mark II which was used in these shots. Peter also used a video light rather than flash in this photograph in order to obtain a more even and predictable result by virtue of its constant illumination:

Bride and groom on the stairs inside the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

As a professional wedding photographer for Farnborough Peter always aims to shoot some of the essentials such as flowers, dress detail, and shoes during the "getting ready" phase of the wedding day. The Aviator Hotel offers extra creative opportunities by way of its decor, such as the model of - would it be the vintage Vulcan Bomber once responsible for the delivery of the UK's airborne nuclear deterrent - seen behind our bride's shoe in this photo:

Detail inside a Sky Studio at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough showing bride's shoe alongside a vintage Vulcan Bomber

Views from the Sky Studios, which are very posh bedrooms complete with lounges and high tech TV's and audio systems, can include spectacular vistas of Farnborough International Airport. Hate to think what these must cost during the annual Farnborough Airshow! This photo was shot by Peter using a very wide angle "fisheye" lens and includes the blinds at the corners:

Farnborough International Airport seen from a bedroom at the Aviator Hotel

The hotel has an abundance of photos and artifacts reflecting the aviation of bygone ages. In this photo our bride stands alongside a couple of such photos in her luxurious "Sky Studio":

Bride poses in bedroom at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough Hampshire

The lighting in the Wright Room of the Aviator Hotel where our couple were married has even but somewhat low lighting in much of the room. With the appropriate equipment some terrific shots of the ceremony can be obtained, the more so because the registrars go out of their way to be helpful. Its always good if the professional photographer can capture the actual exchange of rings as in the photo below:

Bride and groom exchange wedding rings at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough Wright Room

And lovely candid photos of the guests are up for grabs such as this photo of a bridesmaid concentrating on the proceedings:

Bridesmaid watches wedding ceremony in the Wright Room at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

On a sunny afternoon the light can be very contrasty and made uneven by the window blinds. But this itself can be attractive as in the next photo which shows some of the VIP guests applauding the registrar's announcement that our couple are now husband and wife:

Guests during marriage ceremony at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough Hampshire

The hotel is resplendent throughout with aviation-related pictures and objects. The next photo shows our couple as the civil register is about to be completed (off camera) with framed vintage aircraft photos acting as a backdrop:

Aviation themed decor in the Wright Room at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

The 4th Floor Sky Lounge has a gorgeous ambience about it, and was the location for our couples wedding reception. The views of the airfield from this lofty vantage point will be unbeatable on airshow days:

Bride in the Sky Lounge at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

The Sky Lounge also hosted the speeches and the dancing. Here we see the best man delivering his worst!

Best man making his speech in the Sky Lounge of the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

The DJ made a great job of lighting the dancefloor enabling some very atmospheric dance photos such as of our bride and groom performing their first dance:

Bride and groom perform their first dance at the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

The Aviator Hotel Farnborough Hampshire really is one of a kind both inside and out. It challenges professional wedding photographers to look for new and unusual angles and compositions. In this photograph shot with a wide angle "fisheye" lens on a fullframe camera body we can see the couple kissing on the top floor. It has been shot from several floors below, looking upwards, and you can see our couple on the lower rim of the dark blue circle:

Bride and groom inside the Aviator Hotel Farnborough

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