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Wedding Video Service From Ashton Lamont Professional Photo Video

Video of bride and groom performing their first dance

Peter offers a professional wedding video service in Berkshire Hampshire Oxfordshire and throughout the South of England in conjunction with the established and much respected wedding photography service, or as a standalone product if you do not require photos.

As well as taking hundreds of beautiful photographs, Peter captured the most special moments of our day on video (ceremony and speeches). He did this in such a way that we were unaware of his presence and the results are entirely natural and captured the magical atmosphere in a way that photographs do not always. The video also includes many stills so that it catalogues the whole day. We have watched the video over and over again and we are sure our children and grandchildren will love doing the same. Thank you for everything Peter, 10/10!

Katy D

Thank you for our brilliant video! We watched it on Saturday and it brought back some lovely memories and a reminder of what a perfect day we had, there were tears and laughter all round. I have since lost my grandmother so it's lovely you have captured one of the happiest days of her life that we can cherish forever. We can't thank you enough.

Paul & Sadie

Many thanks for our video, it is great and we love it! Very emotional watching it back. All the best in the future and we will always recommend you to anyone!!

Kelly and Daniel

If you are looking for someone to capture your special occasion Peter is your man! We only wish we had asked Peter to photograph our wedding as well as video it. Our day was magical and flew by. We are so excited that Peter created something so special that enables us to relive our wedding day whenever we want at the touch of a button.

Tammy and Laura

We just wanted to thank you for all you did with the photography and videography for our wedding day. The album and video are absolutely stunning and will always be a wonderful reminder of our special day. We will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. Thank you once again for all your help.

Parm and Mark

Thank you SO SO much for the stunning photos and wonderful video you've created of our engagement party. We are absolutely thrilled with everything. You did so well to capture the video displays from all angles to include our guests reactions, and the photos capture so many fantastic moments. The photos you took of our Mothers are particularly special. We didn't even see you taking these individual shots - you were so discreet! Please do feel free to pass our details on to any prospective customers looking for a reference. Thank you again, we're so grateful for all your hard work.

Chantelle and John

Very pleased with the photos, superb quality, they're all great, they captured our wedding perfectly and make a beautiful set of memories ..... and we didn't even notice you were there! We've watched the video and gobsmacked isn't even close. It is quite simply beautiful and has captured the extraordinary emotions ..... Becky is still in tears! Thankyou once more Peter from the bottom of our hearts.

Matt and Becky

All photo-video coverage is in high definition and typically includes your ceremony, your speeches and your first dance all at very affordable prices.

Your video is a fully immersive experience - in a timeless style and just like being there, with the bonus that you see more because several cameras capture different angles at the same time. All authentic, nothing staged, nothing faked. And no silly special effects! Its something you will want to watch with your children in years to come.


Video of church wedding ceremony

Why Would You Not Want Video?

Imagine that you have the choice to view your parents or grandparents wedding day either in a photo album or as a video but NOT both. Which would you choose? Obvious answer!

Very few UK couples engage a professional videographer. This is partly due to the cost and partly due to the poor standards that seem to be the norm with wedding videography.

However it is very common for a friend or relation to bravely try and shoot handheld on a camcorder. But these efforts will never be as good as they could be. Hobbyists simply lack the specific experience relevant to weddings, the right quality and quantity of high-end equipment, and an appreciation of how to work without wrecking the ambience of your day.

The chief regret brides express after their wedding day is not having arranged for a decent video. Google it yourself!

Video of civil wedding ceremony Video of wedding ceremony Video of wedding ceremony in progress at Audleys Wood Hotel

What Is Covered?

Anything from just the key parts of your day to pretty much everything!

Video of entertainer playing at wedding reception

What Do I Receive?

You receive a DVD comprising the video'd parts of the day properly edited, plus a selection of the stills photos as a slideshow ready to play on your TV if that is requested. In addition you receive a separate disc containing a file (in high definition 1080p mp4 file format) optimised for playback on personal computers Ipads and smartphones. You can wizz through your DVD video to find specific parts using the chapter / scene selection buttons on your remote control. Additional copies and BluRay upgrades are available to purchase.

Video of speeches being made during wedding breakfast at Somerville College Video of wedding speeches being made during reception at Wokefield Park

How Can One Person Shoot Photos And Video Simultaneously?

Actually it is very straight-forward for anyone with the appropriate wedding experience in both disciplines.

Peter usually works alone and uses compact equipment. This ensures that shooting the video is not intrusive and does not impact on the enjoyment of your guests.

The latest video cameras are small, lightweight, and unintrusive. They have an impressive range of "auto" functions which means that they do not need to be babysat. Once they are set up often they need no further attention than to re-frame and recompose (which Peter does whilst he changes positions for shooting the photos), such as for a close-up of the exchange of rings and of "VIP" guests. This leaves Peter free to shoot your photos in full without any compromises.

Typically up to four video cameras are used, each carefully positioned to capture a different viewpoint whilst not being distracting. The footage is then edited to switch between each camera as the ceremony unfolds. For example here is a screen shot taken from the editing process, illustrating the view from each of four cameras at the same point in the ceremony (the blue line surrounding the top left image indicates which camera is selected during editing at that point):

Screen shot of a computer monitor showing multi-camera editing in progress

Peter often uses a larger main video camera, as seen in the next photo. This corresponds to the top left in the screen-shot. The camera has a long "shotgun" microphone mounted on top - desirable for focusing the audio from the main subjects. This camera also has a wireless audio receiver on top which picks up audio from a tiny lapel microphone worn by the groom:

Larger video camera with shotgun microphone and wireless radio receiver attached ready to record wedding ceremony

The top right in the screen-shot. corresponds with video from a "GoPro" camera - usually associated with dangerous sports but also a terrific addition to wedding coverage! The next image show this camera in position, top right next to the blue cross. No-one ever notices a GoPro!

GoPro video camera positioned at front of church to capture entire interior during wedding ceremony

The bottom right in the screen-shot. corresponds with video from a small camera placed high on a light stand at the rear of the church. This camera is usually left in position throughout the ceremony and then lowered and repositioned to capture the bride and grooms exit along the main aisle:

Small video camera mounted high up on photographic ightstand

And the bottom left in the screen-shot. corresponds with video from a small camera discreetly clamped to a piece of furniture not being used during the ceremony:

Video camera hardly noticeable attached to church furniture to obtain alternative viewpoint

Lets have a closer look at that. Peter uses a wide variety of clever little clamps and suction devices to attach small cameras in some surprising places:

Small video camera attached to chair with special bracket

Sometimes a suction device can be used to attach a video camera to a window, enabling the entire ceremony to be videod from that viewpoint without any highly intrusive tripods and cameramen spoiling the ambience. The next photo shows a camera top left. The suction caps are strong - rated suitable to use on the exterior of light aircraft!

Small video camera attached to large window with suction caps to enable video of wedding from this viewpoint

Some great footage can be obtained by attaching two video cameras to the same tripod - terrific for large weddings. The camera viewfinders in the next photo show the upper camera focused on the groom whilst the lower camera takes in the entire wedding party:

Two video cameras attached to one tripod to increase variety of coverage from one shooting position

Good audio is an essential component of a good wedding video. Ideally the groom will wear a small "lavalier" lapel microphone - similar to those you see TV newsreaders wearing - which transmits to a receiver in either a video camera or a separate audio recorder. This picks up high quality audio from the groom the bride and (when close by) the celebrant. Peter may also ask the celebrant to wear a second lavalier microphone.

And separate lavalier microphones may be attached to church lecterns etc to ensure that good audio is obtained during the readings. In the next photo the humongous big microphone is the church mic. Peter has attached a lavalier microphone to the mic arm - you can see it just below the right of the church microphone:

Small lavalier microphone attached to larger church microphone to record audio for wedding video

Peter also uses separate miniature audio recorders as these perform much better than any in-camera audio. These may be hidden in nearby flowers or disguised in fixtures. Here is one positioned to pick up from a church speaker:

Small audio recorder used to record sound from a venue's inbuilt wall speaker

And finally, if access is available to a venue's own sound mixer it may be possible to record good audio straight from it:

Audio deck in a church used to distribute sound from the various microphones to the speakers

Poor audio can break an otherwise great video - just remember what some of your friends and relations videos are like when they rely on the in-camera sound. Its worth the extra effort!

Many guests comment that the videos are better than being there. They can see and hear so much more. And they are ideal for infirm relations and friends who would have liked to attend but were unable to do so.

If the photographers you have looked at do not also offer video ask them why not.

Still not sure? Browse the selection of videos below illustrating ceremonies speeches and first dances in full. Imagine being able to watch these in years to come with your kids "here are mummy and daddy on our wedding day"!

Please be aware that some venues have restrictions on both photography and videography during your ceremony and you should check with the relevant officials for house rules and any extra fees prior to the day to avoid disappointment.

All sample videos are in high definition. If playback stutters please pause it for a few seconds to allow streaming from your internet connection to catch up.

Selection Currently Being Revised

Please Call Back Soon To Browse More Samples

View wedding ceremony video based at St Peters Church Burnham

Sample Wedding Ceremony Video

St Peters Church Burnham

Full Length 33:16

View wedding ceremony video based at St Michaels Church Basingstoke

Sample Wedding Ceremony Video

St Michaels Church Basingstoke

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sample video wedding speeches at Wokefield Park Mortimer Reading Berkshire for Trish and Colin

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Sample Video Wedding First Dance, The Crazy Bear Hotel Stadhampton

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Sample video wedding ceremony at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead Berkshire for Jenny and James

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Priest more than happy for anyone to use cameras during wedding ceremony

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Sample video wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Burghfield Reading Berkshire for Debs and Richard

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Entertainer at wedding reception at Newbury Rugby Club for Rachael and Nigel

Sample Video Entertainer at Newbury Wedding Reception

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Sample video wedding ceremony at Somerville College Oxford for Kathryn and Shane

Sample Video Chapel Wedding Ceremony, Somerville College

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Sample Video Wedding Speeches, Somerville College

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Sample wedding speeches video at the Elvetham Hotel Hartley Wintney Hampshire for Shelley and Mark

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Sample civil wedding ceremony video at Easthampstead Park Wokingham for Jess & Paul

Sample Video Civil Wedding Ceremony, Easthampstead Park

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