Sample Wedding Video, The Ceremony At St Marys Church Burghfield Reading Berkshire © Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Background Information:

A church wedding ceremony in full at St Marys Church Burghfield Reading Berkshire.

All sample videos are in high definition. If playback stutters please pause it for a few seconds to allow streaming from your internet connection to catch up.

A straightforward four compact video camera shoot at a church where there are no difficult rules - though obtaining good audio recording is demanding given its layout. One camera was placed at ground level at the rear. Another - a GoPro usually associated with dangerous sports but also excellent for shooting wide vistas at weddings - was placed higher up towards the rear right corner. A third compact camera was locked off in the pews to the brides left. And a fourth was located to the right side and operated by Peter throughout.

Length of video 44:30

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