Sample Wedding Video, The Speeches At Somerville College Oxford © Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Background Information:

The wedding breakfast speeches in full at Somerville College Oxford.

All sample videos are in high definition. If playback stutters please pause it for a few seconds to allow streaming from your internet connection to catch up.

The gorgeous Dining Hall at Somerville College Oxford University hosted the wedding speeches. Four video cameras were used to obtain a variety of viewpoints including the guests reactions to the speeches. Many guests had travelled great distances to attend the wedding and it was important to our couple that as many as possible were featured in the video and photos. There was enough space in the Hall for Peter to move around and change photo and video viewpoints during the speeches. The Hall is quite dark in the evening and just about at the limits of what video cameras can handle without auxiliary lighting - which is of course not desirable at weddings.

Length Of Video 31:26

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