Sample Wedding Video, The Ceremony At Somerville College Oxford © Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Background Information:

A wedding ceremony in full in the Chapel at Somerville College Oxford.

All sample videos are in high definition. If playback stutters please pause it for a few seconds to allow streaming from your internet connection to catch up.

A tricky video shoot as the layout of the front of the chapel interior makes camera placement quite a challenge, compounded by the presence of two large pianos and two large flower displays. And two violinists played from a position at the front before and during the ceremony. Peter placed one small video camera hidden on one side near the front. A further video camera was placed on a balcony at the rear. The main video camera, a small wide angle video camera, and all stills cameras were manned from the rear so as not to cause any distractions.

Length Of Video 34:00

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