Sample Wedding Video, The Ceremony at Audleys Wood Hotel Basingstoke Hampshire © Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Background Information:

A civil wedding ceremony in full at Audleys Wood Hotel Basingstoke Hampshire.

All sample videos are in high definition. If playback stutters please pause it for a few seconds to allow streaming from your internet connection to catch up.

A four video camera shoot that was more complex to execute than it might appear. A compact video camera at the rear was inaccessible once the ceremony was underway due to guest seating. Fortunately it stayed on target and captured some great moments. A second compact video camera was positioned locked off to the brides left. This was not accessible mid-ceremony without causing a distraction but again it was on target and captured some lovely moments. Videos cameras three and four were positioned together to the brides right and these were accessible throughout (though full access was limited by a large floor-standing flower arrangement). One of these two was a miniature GoPro video camera often used in dangerous sports but ideal for capturing the wide vistas at weddings. The image in the video window above is from the GoPro footage.

Length of video 13:50

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