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Background Information:

Rachael and Nigel chose St Marys Church Greenham Newbury Berkshire for their marriage ceremony.

The present St Marys Church is not actually all that old - having been built on the site of the former St Marys in 1876. But it does have a timeless olde englishe village church appeal and it is set in lovely countryside just on the outskirts of Newbury. Its design predates modern wedding photography techniques and tastes by a long margin but Peter could almost imagine that the architects had the needs of professional photographers in mind when they designed the interior! It is spacious, there are several good vantage points, and it is easy to take up a position near the front in order to capture the vows and ring exchanges without risking causing any distractions.

Our officiant on the day was Rev. John Clarke. He couldn't have been more helpful and you'll see in the galleries that it was possible to shoot a wide variety of photos throughout the ceremony. In addition Peter was able to video the entire ceremony from two vantage points.

St Marys Church Greenham is very close to the old airbase as you might guess from the name. It played an important part in the lives of the UK and US servicemen billeted on the base prior to the gigantic D-Day invasion on 6th June 1944. The old base is now a swish business park.

From St Marys Church we made the short hop to the wedding reception venue - the home ground of Newbury Rugby Club. The club has a spacious well-maintained clubhouse and of course extensive grounds. It is however very short of shaded areas suitable for posed photos in bright sunshine and so we completed these in a shaded area of the churchyard before departing.

In the evening we were treated to some live music by one of the bride's older relations. You'll see him in the last gallery and a short video clip will be uploaded here shortly. Interestingly (to Peter) he had been a wedding photographer for 45 years. His age now starts with a 9. Thats some career!

You can view the exterior of St Mary Church Greenham from a number of public footpaths such as in the photo below:

St Marys Church Greenham Newbury as seen from adjacent public footpath

Inside the church is spacious and professional photographers can move around relatively easily to obtain a greater variety of shots during the ceremony. The photo below was taken from the rear just after the bride had made her entrance. There is an aisle to the left which enables ready access to the front of the church without having to use the centre aisle:

Inside St Marys Church Greenham from the rear at the start of wedding ceremony

It is possible to shoot the entire ceremony from the front left as the access is excellent but its still nice to add to the variety. In the photo below the bride and groom are about to kiss to seal their marriage!

Newly wed in St Marys Church Greenham Berkshire

The bride and her sisters have a great interest in singing and music. This photo shows the two sisters singing accompanied by guitar. The church's acoustics are good and it also has an extensive collection of audio equipment always at the ready near the front, and a PA / AV system:

Musical interlude in St Marys Church Greenham

The next photo shows just how relaxed and easy to work with is the vicar at St Marys Church. Many otherwise mild-mannered officiants would machine gun any professional photographer trying to shoot this moment. No-one is sure why but at many establishments shooting the actual signing of the civil register is strictly banned and that is why "pretend" setups are done afterwards:

Signing of the civil register after wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Greenham Newbury

Confetti is allowed outside the main gate to the church and this always makes for some great photos. Its usually best if the professional photographer organisers this. If your photographer is one of those self-absorbed arty types who won't help just tell him not to be so bl---y precious!

Confetti being thrown on the bride and groom at St Marys Church Greenham

There is no shortage of space at Newbury Rugby Club and its nice to get some shots which reflect the uniqueness of the venue such as below. Rugby Clubs tend to be a lot easier to deal with than football clubs and there are few if any restrictions on using the pitches - just no glasses on the pitches obviously. Contrast this with - say - Chelsea Football Club's Stamford Bridge or Reading Football Club's Madejski Stadium where they'll throw a wobbly if you so much as think about going on the pitch:

Wedding Guests on the pitch at Newbury Rugby Club Berkshire

The bride's sister couldn't resist attempting to convert a try (or whatever it is that they do!) with a spare ball we found:

Rugby practice by wedding guests at Newbury Rugby Club

The main function room at Newbury Rugby Club is roomy and well lit, and so there were some great photos to be had during the various speeches:

Wedding reception speeches in progress at Newbury Rugby Club

Most wedding breakfasts feature presents being given to bridesmaids, mums, etc. This can be particularly hard to shoot as it requires frequent changes of position in often crowded rooms to capture just a split second. Fortunately the main room at the club is large enough to accommodate lots of guests and still allow freedom to move quickly:

Presents being given during wedding breakfast at Newbury Rugby Club

An impromptu musical interlude preceded the first dance in the evening. A slightly risqué number followed by some old favourites:

Musical interlude in the evening at Newbury Rugby Club


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