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Ria's Photography Gallery, Greek Orthodox Christening at St Sophia's Cathedral Bayswater London
© Ashton Lamont Professional Baptism Christening and Naming Ceremony Photographers and Videographers

Baby girl watches priest during her baptism at St Sophias Greek Orthodox Cathedral Bayswater London

This is a complete christening / baptism gallery. Browse lots more galleries via the main Galleries Page. And don't forget to check out the Videos Page!

Background Information and Highlights:

Ria's mum and dad chose the lovely Greek Orthodox St Sophia's Cathedral in Bayswater London for her Autumn christening.

St Sophia's Cathedral is a popular and very busy venue, and as usual as one event came to an end guests were arriving for the next. Professional photographers and videographers should bear this in mind as the time available for setting up and breaking down equipment can be extremely limited.

The staff and clergy at St Sophia's are helpful and mindful of the needs of photographers and videographers, and there are no onerous restrictions on shooting ceremonies other than not to cause any distractions - of course!

Parking in the immediate area can be quite a challenge - no surprises there as it is after all in a prime west London location only a short walk from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. But there is some on-street parking in some of the adjacent side roads not reserved exclusively for residents.

We were lucky with the weather on the day, mild and not too bright - photographers don't like bright sunshine for people portraits as the results may be contrasty and unflattering even with the use of powerful "fill-flash". There is a small courtyard to the left of the Cathedral which was opened for us and this was a great location for some of the must-have family and friend photos after the baptism ceremony.

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The first photo in the highlights below illustrates the outside of the cathedral at the front. Just the upper part this time as the steps below were teeming with visitors throughout the day - no chance of a "clean" shot:

St Sophia's Cathedral Greek Orthodox church in Bayswater London

The interior of St Sophia's is spectacular. As with the outside though on the day it resembled a beehive as there were so many visitors attending the various events, so again no chance of wide-angle photos. Here we see the font set up ready for the christening:

Font set up in St Sophia's Cathedral Bayswater ready for the christening

There are lots of rituals involved in Greek Orthodox baptisms and here we see some of the accoutrements set up ready on the altar:

Altar prepared ready for baptism inside St Sophia's Cathedral London

Often the stars of the show are pretty quiet during their baptism - probably because they can be fascinated by the unusual surroundings. But Ria was having none of that and exercised her lungs a fair bit!

Mother introduces baby to guests at baptism at St Sophia's Cathedral London

Mum and dad had arranged a choir:

Choir sings during London christening ceremony in St Sophia's Cathedral Bayswater

Our star's modesty is preserved in this online version of her "introduction" to the font!

Baby is baptised in the font at St Sophia's Cathedral Bayswater London

Once the baptism ceremony was over we congregated in the courtyard next door for some photos:

Guests pose for group photo after christening ceremony in west London

Ria has twin sisters. What a happy boisterous household that is going to be as they grow up!

Guests pose for photo after baptism at St Sophia's Cathedral Bayswater London

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