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Carlos's Photography Gallery, Christening at the Brompton Oratory Kensington Central London
© Ashton Lamont Professional Baptism Christening and Naming Ceremony Photographers and Videographers

Priest and guests gather on the steps of the Brompton Oratory ready for the baptism ceremony

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Background Information and Highlights:

The ever popular Brompton Oratory in Kensington London hosted the Christening ceremony for Carlos.

This Catholic Church sometimes known as the London Oratory, or as the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, or as the Oratory of St Philip Neri, has a cathedral-like magnificent elaborate and beautiful interior which has got to be one of the most photogenic of churches in London. Unfortunately unauthorised photography and video will incur the wrath of the Holy Fathers - the church is after all a busy working site often with visitors deep in prayer - but some exceptions are made for christenings and weddings.

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Peter started the photographic coverage with some establishing photos of the exterior of the Brompton Oratory. These shots can be particularly valuable as many clients from this part of central London have strong family ties in other parts of the World and it is great that those unable to attend can see and appreciate the location from thousands of miles away. The Oratory is on the Brompton Road at a busy junction so choosing the moment when both vehicle and pedestrian traffic is minimal can be quite a challenge!

The exterior of the Brompton Oratory Catholic Church Kensington London as seen from the Brompton Road

And another view of the exterior of the Brompton Oratory this time shot with a wide angle lens to capture the feel of approaching the building on foot:

The Brompton Oratory Kensington London seen from the pavement sidewalk on Brompton Road

Peter shot some photographs inside the Oratory just before the arrival of the guests including St Patricks Chapel where baptisms usually take place shown in the next photo:

St Patricks Chapel inside the Brompton Oratory London

And included some shots of the beautiful flowers:

Flowers arranged in St Patricks Chapel at the Brompton Oratory ready for christening ceremony

Our proud mum arrived with the - very young - man of the moment and spent a few minutes mingling with the guests before the serious business got underway:

Mother and baby before baptism ceremony at the Brompton Oratory Kensington London

The baptism ceremony started outside to signify the gradual entrance of Carlos into the church:

Baptism ceremony underway outside the Brompton Oratory London

And the godparents made their pledges:

Godparents during christening at the Brompton Oratory London

We moved into St Patricks Chapel to continue the ceremony. It is very dark and challenging to shoot photos inside the Brompton Oratory. Professional photographers must have the appropriate camera bodies that can perform in low light accompanied by fast lenses. For the technically minded, Peter used the eye-wateringly expensive Canon 50mm f1.2L accompanied by the 70-200 f2.8L IS and the 15mm f2.8L. Limited flash photography is permitted during ceremonies in St Patricks Chapel (but never in the font room) but flash quickly wrecks the ambience so should not be used.

Priest conducting christening ceremony in St patricks Chapel in the Brompton Oratory

The ceremony continued at the font:

Baby being baptised in the Brompton Oratory Kensington London

Candle lit for baby during christening at the Brompton Oratory

Carlos was barely a month old and kept his eyes firmly closed for most of the proceedings but Peter did manage to capture a few moments when curiosity got the better of him:

Baby looks at his mother during his baptism at the Brompton Oratory London

Back to St Patricks Chapel for the remainder of the service:

Proud parents during their sons baptism at the Brompton Oratory

After the ceremony in St Patricks Chapel mum spent a few moments with Carlos praying at Our Ladies Altar in the Lady Chapel:

Mother prays with her son in the Ladies Chapel in the Brompton Oratory after his christening service

A photograph of the High Altar in the Brompton Oratory which Peter was able to shoot handheld sneakily on his way back from the Lady Chapel. What a breathtaking view!

The steps to the entrance of the Brompton Oratory are the obvious choice for group photos as it is so easy to arrange the guests so that everyone can be seen:

Guests pose for group photograph on the steps of the Brompton Oratory after christening ceremony

If the steps are overrun with tourists or in direct bright sunlight the private garden area just to the left of the Brompton Oratory can be a good location for shaded unrushed photos. This area also serves as the private parking area and spaces can be reserved by calling the porters lodge. Here we see Carlos allowing us a brief view of his eyes!

Baby with guest after baptism at the Brompton Oratory London

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