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Henry's Birthday Party Photography Gallery, Party in Chelsea London
© Ashton Lamont Professional Childrens Party Photographers and Videographers

Birthday boy plays with car at his London party

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Hi I'm Henry. For my second birthday I invited a few close friends to join me in my exclusive Chelsea London Club.

The day was dinosaur themed:

Birthday banner

And I managed to find a couple of not too bitey dino's to help entertain the guests and to keep the more boisterous ones in order:

Dinosaur entertainer

Dinosaur entertainer poses for photo

The club has excellent music facilities:

Drum playkit

The friends decided to make their own snacks, me included:

Cake decorating fun

Young men will always want to tear around the block in their motors. What fun!

Toy car

No this isn't the club's sinbin. It is the onsite gymnasium:

Play area

More play area

Be careful the staff don't start getting at the drinks cabinet:


Do remember to feed the pets:

Feeding a dinosaur

Of course some old fogies were needed to wait on the tables:

Party in progress

Don't waste too many chips - those dinosaurs have big appetites!

Enjoying a chip

If you can't enjoy a few extra calories on your 2nd birthday ..... well when can you!

Birthday cake

Why did I invite that guest. She takes sooooo long to get to the punchline when she tells a joke!

Listening to guests

Better just strike one pose for the paparazzi:

Model pose

Why did I invite my mum. And why has she put me in this contraption?

Enjoying a swing

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