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Background Information:

St Peters Church Burnham Buckinghamshire was chosen by Lizandra and Mikele for their marriage ceremony.

The church is spacious inside and outside and the officiants are a pleasure to work with so this is one of the easier venues for professional wedding photographers in the Thames Valley. Inside the building the layout is such that it is possible for the photographer to find positions forward of the couple to each side so to shoot the all important facial expressions.

We had a very bright and sunny day - always welcome for the bride and groom - but always a challenge when it comes to the posed photos as ideally these are shot in light shade in order that as much detail as possible can be captured in the white dresses, dark suits, and complexions. There is very little shade at St Peters and so couples should consider having at least some of their formal photos at the reception venue.

From St Peters we departed for the short hop to the Beaumont Estate Old Windsor Berkshire for the wedding breakfast and reception. The Beaumont Estate is often also referred to as Beaumont House though the owners - Principal Hayley - are determined to brand it the Beaumont Estate.

Early in their careers wedding photographers become familiar with a concept called "West Indian time". In a nutshell this means that nothing goes to plan, you just have to chill and things will happen when they happen and not before. Incidentally Peter has heard this expression in connection with many other nationalities including South American, Nigerian, and even Iraqi; perhaps its just the Anglo-Saxons who get worried if timetables are not followed! Anyway, on Lizandra and Mikels' day it meant that we were missing a ton of guests when it came time for the posed family photos .... oh well! This was a blessing in some ways as the conditions were still extremely bright and technically demanding at Beaumont House in the afternoon and we completed some of the photos in the evening instead.

St Peters Church Burnham has two entrances. The photo below shows the church from the entrance in The Precincts. This is the easiest entrance to reach by car and from which to find parking. The other entrance is via Church Street and is to the right of the building in the photo. Church Street is the entrance normally used by brides but it is virtually impossible to park in so guests should not navigate to it using the Church's postcode, but instead set their sails for The Precincts:

St Peters Church Burnham showing the entrance from The Precincts

The officiants at St Peters Church Burnham are very easy going and so a wide variety of photos can be shot during wedding ceremonies. Even photos of the actual signing of the register (rather than just a mock up version) are possible as shown in the photo below, professional photographers should simply ensure that no sensitive personal information is displayed:

Signing of the marriage register at St Peters Church Burnham

The Beaumont Estate Windsor has extensive and varied grounds that are well maintained. You may have to hunt for some shade depending on the time of day and conditions but there are some lovely backdrops with which to pose the important family photos of the day:

Wedding couple in the grounds of the Beaumont Estate Beaumont House Windsor

The exterior of Beaumont House has a large pond which can also make a great setting for romantic wedding photos:

The pond in the grounds of wedding venue Beaumont House Windsor

Part of the Beaumont Estate is known as the White House and it has some terrific interior decor which simply must be utilised for wedding photos. Just inside the main entrance is this lovely black and white themed foyer:

Inside the White House at the Beaumont Estate wedding venue Windsor

The exterior of the main entrance to the Beaumont Estate is rather modern and plain - and more often than not will have cars and vans dropping people off and making deliveries - so its not ideal for setpiece photos. The White House at the other end of the building is much more olde worlde. Back to the main building, and there are some nice photos to be had from the gardens to the rear as seen in this night shot below:

Rear of the Beaumont Estate main building seen at night

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