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Emma and Charlie Photography Gallery. Wedding and Reception at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Westonbirt Tetbury Gloucestershire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Bride and groom photographed after theie wedding at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Westonbirt near Tetbury Gloucestershire

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Background Information and Highlights:

The photos are fantastic, thank you very much. And thank you so much for all your hard work and attention to detail, we are so pleased.

Emma and Charlie

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Emma and Charlie chose the lovely Cotswold location of the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury Gloucestershire for their wedding ceremony and reception.

The area has a remote unspoilt feel to it but it is actually very easy to reach from the nearby M4 and M5 motorways. Very close by is Westonbirt Arboretum, which is well known to many generations of photographers by virtue of its spectacular grounds and Autumn colours. But the Hare and Hounds Hotel is not overshadowed by its more famous neighbour - its grounds are extremely spacious, varied and well maintained. A real pleasure to work in for professional photographers.

The hotel underwent an extensive refurbishment fairly recently and the interior is just gorgeous.

Onto the obligatory comments regarding professional photography during marriage and civil partnership ceremonies: the Hare and Hounds comes under the umbrella of Gloucestershire - obviously - and at one time this was one of the more restrictive areas of the country. However in recent months the registrars have adopted a more relaxed approach and Peter has been able to shoot a good selection of photos as you'll see from Emma and Charlie's galleries.

We had lovely sunny weather all day and the guests were able to make full use of the gardens for drinks and catching up with old friends and relations both in the afternoon and the evening. Luckily there are some good shaded areas in the gardens which we were able to utilise for the important setpiece posed photos. We completed the bridal photos in the early evening, after the wedding breakfast, which enabled us to make use of photogenic parts of the gardens which were too bright for top quality photos earlier in the day.

Emma is not adverse to living dangerously as you'll see in the dance photos where she was quite happy to dive into mid-air in the hope that a bunch of strong lads would catch her! That was just typical of the fun buzz of the whole day!

There is no mistaking the stone Cotswold style of the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury as you can see in the view below as you approach the hotel. How Cotswold is that!

Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury Gloucestershire as seen from the front of the building exhibiting typical Cotswold charm

The hotel's bedrooms were refurbished and certainly match the charm of the outside of the building. In this photo you can see the bride's hairdresser grabbing a quick shot for the portfolio:

Inside a bedroom at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury

The Gloucestershire registrars are becoming much easier to work with and most are now pretty relaxed about professional photography during marriage ceremonies. This enables photos mid-vows, something which was not previously possible. Peter was also able to shoot video throughout the ceremony:

Wedding ceremony in progress at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Westonbirt Tetbury

Professional photographers were once restricted to a very few specific shots during weddings in this area but now most of the registrars are "on board" with more relaxed guidelines, enabling candid shots of the guests and lots more:

Guests clap at the end of the wedding ceremony at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury Gloucestershire

The gardens at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury are very extensive and extremely well maintained. It got pretty hot on the afternoon of Emma and Charlie's day and below you can see some of the bride's friends have hunted out some drinks and deckchairs and shade!

Relaxing in the gardens at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury

The wedding co-ordination is handled efficiently by the staff at the Hare and Hounds. For example the guest book is in a position where it can be readily seen by the guests - not hidden away in an obscure corner - and so there is no need to remind the guests to leave their messages:

Signing the wedding guest book at the Hare and Hounds Hotel westonbirt Tetbury

The hotel is very photogenic throughout. In the Summer months its worthwhile planning to have some photos shot in the evening after the wedding breakfast when the sunlight is usually of a much better photographic quality than earlier in the day. This also gives you a break from what otherwise can be quite a long session in front of the cameras in the afternoon if you have a big lists of group photos you would like. Emma and Charlie slipped away from the guests for just a few minutes in the evening to have some photos around the grounds, including this shot from the front of the hotel:

Bride and groom in front of the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury in the early evening

Its always best to spend a little time planning what posed photos you would like with family and friends rather than trying to "wing" it on the day. But its perfectly possible to shoot impromptu groups anytime as well, such as Emma with some of her friends in the lovely gardens in the evening:

Bride's girlfriends in the grounds of the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury Gloucestershire

A bouquet toss such as seen in the photo below used to be a common sight at weddings but sadly is no longer so frequent. Some brides have told Peter its because the bouquets cost so much that they would rather keep them than see them torn apart by competitive girlfriends! Emma's bouquet was caught by her sister, so their Dad's wallet could be in for another shock!

Bouquet toss by bride in the gardens of the Hare and Hounds Hotel Tetbury Gloucestershire

The main function room at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Westonbirt can be quickly turned around after the wedding breakfast ready for the evening festivities. Emma and Charlie performed a terrific first dance which Peter was also able to capture on video:

Bride and groom dancing at the Hare and Hounds Hotel Westonbirt

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