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How To Make The Formal Photoshoot Swift And Painless
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Semi formal photo of bride with her friends from university

Documentary, Reportage, and Photojournalist styles are the predominant wedding photography trends in the UK today. Most of Peter's clients prefer to mix in a number of more traditional or classic wedding photos. Peter recommends that you try to find a little time during the day to pose for some formal photographs. You're sure to appreciate these additions to the record of your family history in years to come, even if you don't see the point right now!

Unlike many photographers Peter does not impose a low limit or refuse to do formal photos. You can have as many or as few as you want. However do bear in mind that the more time you devote to formal photos the less time will be available to shoot reportage coverage and for you to socialise with your guests.

So how do you stop the formal photography session taking over your day whilst still getting the results you want?

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