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Karen and Brad Photography Gallery. Wedding at Richmond Registry Office and Reception at the Rock and Rose Restaurant Richmond Surrey
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Bride and groom pose for photo following their wedding at Richmond Registry Office Surrey

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Background Information:

Many people who could not attend and who have viewed the photos said they really enjoyed your work and spoke very highly of it. They got a sense that they were there.

Donna (groom's mum)

Karen and Brad chose Richmond Register Office right in the centre of Richmond Surrey for their wedding. They were married at Spring Terrace before everything moved to the Loggia Room at York House. Many family members and guests travelled from Ireland and the United States. Indeed the ceremony had something of an American feel to it as the bridesmaids and groomsmen remained standing at the front throughout the ceremony as is the American way of doing these things! This did momentarily throw both the photographer and videographer off the scent as its a very tight fit at the best of times in the Register office ceremony room!

The Richmond registrars were as always well disposed to professional photography and so it was possible to shoot throughout the marriage ceremony.

We had a hot and very bright day for the wedding, which in planet photography can be a worrysome thing as the high contrast is less than flattering to the subjects. We were able to find a small shaded area in the gardens of the Office and shot all but the large groups there - phew!

We then moved on to the nearby Rock and Rose Restaurant in Kew Road Richmond for a celebratory lunch. And I have to say the food was excellent.

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