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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer
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Bride arrives in horsedrawn carriage for her wedding at Avington Park Winchester Hampshire

Baffling isn't it! Why can't everyone lay out their websites and brochures the same so you can understand what its all about?

Long after the food has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, the DJ has packed up, the dress has been stored, and you have returned from you dream honeymoon, you will appreciate the homework you did now to ensure that your wedding day memories are kept vivid by gorgeous professional photography.

This checklist was compiled by Peter with the help of members of a private online community of professional wedding photographers based chiefly in the United Kingdom and the United States. It includes the questions most frequently posed by prospective clients. Its not in order of importance and not necessarily reflective of your own priorities. But it should help you to remember to check the points that matter to you.

Check These Points With Care:

And Be Aware:

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