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Patrick's Photography Gallery, Christening at the Brompton Oratory Kensington London
© Ashton Lamont Professional Baptism Christening and Naming Ceremony Photographers and Videographers

View of the High Altar inside the beautiful Brompton Oratory London

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Background Information and Highlights:

Mum and Dad chose the spectacular setting of the Brompton Oratory Kensington London for Patrick's christening ceremony.

This magnificent Catholic church, also known as the London Oratory, is always a delight for professional photographers to work within. There are gorgeous alternative vistas as every turn. The interior of the Brompton Oratory is very dark and quite a challenge for even the most advanced photographic equipment, but its well worth the effort.

The Brompton Oratory's central London location means that travel in the area by car can be a frustrating experience. However there is a pleasant private car park right next to the main building and it is possible for professional photographers and videographers to reserve a space by contacting the helpful staff beforehand.

Once Patricks' christening ceremony was completed we shot some group photos inside the Oratory near the High Altar and then adjourned to a nearby private park for a relaxed picnic and a few more photos.

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Lets take a look at the distinctive exterior of the Brompton Oratory first of all:

The Brompton Oratory christening venue Kensington London

A wide-angle lens gives a different interesting perspective:

Baptism venue the Brompton Oratory in Kensington London

A wide-angle lens is also great for capturing the splendour of the High Altar:

The high altar in the Brompton Oratory London

And the view of the whole interior from the rear:

View of the interior of the Brompton Oratory Kensington London

And one more inclusive wide-angle view, this time of St Patricks Chapel where baptism ceremonies within the Brompton Oratory are usually held:

St Patricks Chapel inside the Brompton Oratory London

The man of the moment awaits his christening:

Child awaits his christening at the Brompton Oratory Kensington London

Father and grandmother with baby awaiting baptism ceremony at the Brompton Oratory London

Just time for a few semi-posed photos before the start of the ceremony:

Mother and father pose for photo with their baby before his christening ceremony at the Brompton Oratory

Camera shyness is not a concept Patrick has any truck with!

The priests who conduct baptisms at the Brompton Oratory are fine with professional photographic coverage during ceremonies so long as its kept unintrusive:

Priest conducts baptism in St Patricks Chapel at the Brompton Oratory

Baby is christened at the Brompton Oratory

The font is in a small room adjoining St Patricks Chapel and this is of course where the second part of these short ceremonies take place:

Curious chap!

Baby poses for photo after his baptism at the Brompton Oratory

The High Altar area makes a splendid backdrop for a few posed photos:

Mother father baby and guests pose for photo in front of the High Altar at the Brompton Oratory after christening ceremony

The steps to the main entrance are also a good photo location, especially if there are lots of guests:

Oh dear!

The private park close to home was a terrific location for a celebratory picnic:

A French connection meant that this was not just any old English picnic, more a stylish Impressionistic affair:

The mature trees in the park gave us plenty of shade, enabling pleasing portraits to be shot without bright contrasty direct sunshine compromising the results:

Mans best friend ..... I wonder why!

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