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Henry's Photography Gallery, Christening at the Brompton Oratory Kensington London
© Ashton Lamont Professional Baptism Christening and Naming Ceremony Photographers and Videographers

Baby boy watches candle intently during his christening at the London Brompton Oratory

This is a complete christening / baptism gallery. Browse lots more galleries via the main Galleries Page. And don't forget to check out the Videos Page!

Background Information and Highlights:

The gorgeous and impressive Brompton Oratory Kensington in central London hosted Henry's baptism ceremony.

The Brompton Oratory is a Catholic church, also known as the London Oratory.

It is such a privelege for professional photographers and videographers to work at. It is hard to think of a more beautiful eraborate interior. The inside of the Brompton Oratory though is particularly dark and challenging for photography and video. Photography is not actually allowed within the Brompton Oratory except to record christenings and weddings and other personal events at the church.

Travel in the area by car is difficult being a central London location. But there is a private car park next to the main building and it is possible to reserve a space by contacting the church staff.

Henry's coverage started at home before we departed for the Brompton Oratory. We were then treated to a lovely party just off exclusive Eaton Square in an interesting old house which was once the home of Noel Coward.

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Peter started with some detail photos of the various baptism paraphernalia:

Christening gown

Guests for christening pose for group photo

Peter typically shoots some scene-setting photos inside the venue before the start of the christening ceremony:

Baptism ceremony taking place inside the Brompton Oratory London

Photography inside the Brompton Oratory is strongly discouraged. It must be quick and unintrusive to other users of the church, so the shooting conditions for portraits are far from ideal. But it is nice to have a few photos inside posed with the parents and if possible some guests as well:

Mum and dad pose for photo with their baby son after his christening at the Brompton Oratory

There are no photography restriction on the steps outside the Brompton Oratory and that can be a good place to shoot some of the essential portraits:

Mum poses for photo with her baby boy after his baptism at the Brompton Oratory London

There are some nice gardens belonging to the London Oratory just to the left of the main building which can be good for some outdoor posed group photos, but on this occasion we departed straight away for the reception venue for Henry's party.

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